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December 29, 2016
I had a bad day yesterday. On my way home I got into an auto accident. Everyone is ok other than my 14 year old car. However, we I look back on yesterday, I'm comforted by the fact it could have been worse. So I still have the freedom to pursue my goals here on WA and in my personal life. I may have been set back a little but nothing that time and some muscle relaxer can't cure.Here in the US and most of the developed world often forget how lucky we are, we moan, groan and complain how bad of
December 22, 2016
Perceptions suck. How do you chnage others perceptions of you, You don't but you can help them solve a problem, build trust one step at a time and don't care. The choice is your's and so are the repercussions.I often heard the phase perceptions are the reality and in todays world facts don't matter but in my world they matter very much. So do we change or selves or others through education and persistence.Just a random thought.Keith
Over and over I here and read your site must have quality content. So I research and determine the following attributes and metrics determine that your site has quality content.Average time spent by previous visitors on your site. The more time a visitor spend on your site the better Total number and quality of inbound links. Please make sure that any inbound links you have linking to your site are from sites that also have quality content and are useable sites.Social sharing on Twitter, Googl
December 15, 2016
I reached a new milestone; 1000 followers. Therefore I would like to thank all those who are following and giving leaving me encouraging comments.To me this is a great value of this site, members helping and encourging each other.
Avoid the following practices and methods of creating content on your site or Google with penalize you (lower your rank)Automatically generated content that adds no value to your usersParticipating in link scam techniques that attempt to increase your page ranking. I you want links, get them from other pages that add value to their users.Creating pages or sites that have little or no content. Such as adding low-quality guest blog posts . Remember to add value to your users.Cloaking Hidden text
December 08, 2016
Working on developing a content calendar911 followers and following 2700Rank of 271Researching content for my sitesGave 2 comments and 4 website reviewsHelp 6 users via chat
December 04, 2016
I have just one thing to say to myself,.. Be Accountable
NicheEveryone is part of many niches. It’s basically some one behaviors. (What people are searching online)Focus on niche human element. don't forget we need to help people.There is no thing as too much competition online. Show passion about your nicheThe best way to be successful is to help people solve their problems.Develop some metrics that can track the success of your nicheKeywordsYou can focus on making a living on just one keyword.Keyword research - Google Search bar, Jaaxy and WA
November 30, 2016
Not much progress this week. I spent more time helping out and providing comments and feedback to community members. I managed to get 795 follows, write two blog post here, rewrote my About page, created another website and frame work pages. I'm now at rank 297 but, I'm suffering from writers block and need to complete at least three blogs on my website.I want to do better next week but I'm coming down with a flu or cold and feeling very weak. Keith
The creators of Wealthy Affiliates are brilliant, they put together a very unique platform that not only is a place to learn and support each other, they gave use a business simulator. For instance; community rank is more like a simulator for your online business. As an online business owner you need to learn, research, create content, answer questions, welcome new members aboard (customer service) and develop relationships with other site owners and potential customers. Sounds familiar!Think a