(Today is my 1 year Anniversary for having a Total Shoulder Replacement)

Last Update: October 02, 2014

Hello to everyone at WA.

Had to share this that with everyone.

After seven shoulder surgeries within the past decades.

My titanium steel shoulder is doing well,With the screws and back plate.

Much better than the Doctor had anticipated.

5 hour surgery. No problem for me.

If anyone here in WA, Has gone thru this? I would love to speak with them.

My therapy was done,only at (6) sessions,At a rehab center for the police department ,And the fire department,That have had been thru extensive trauma.

My Doctor pulled me out of therapy and told me that I have plenty of knowledge on this and that I should be able to make my arm work again.That is what I did.

I had done much research before getting the right Doctor,To perform this task.

Most people will state the fact,And say that they have the best Doctor,This is so not true.

Before I had this procedure done,I watched many different videos on the surgery.

The people that I thought that had thick skin,Had to walk away from the viewing.

While I run 3.5 miles per day,This what I was thinking about today.

Thanks to everyone that reads this.

I am very glad to be a part of WA.

To everyone out here,Have a great day,And a better tomorrow.


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RobertM Premium
Hi Ken, what an ordeal you have gone through, glad everything has or will turn out okay. All the best.
KLewis Premium
Thank you Robert.
So much better than 1 year ago.
kholmes Premium
One year that is great, you sound like you have endured a great deal. Thank you for the update. :))
KLewis Premium
Thank you Kim,
One must never give up.
No matter what comes one's way.
Ken-Pringle Premium
Ken, my friend, I am glad it is over, it is, isn’t it?
I have a shoulder with sever muscle and nerve
damage. No replacement. Be Blessed.
KLewis Premium
Thanks Ken,
It will never be over.
I am very glad for you that you do not have to go down this road.
However with the right Surgeon,One may be able to live life pain free
for a bit.Ken
Ken-Pringle Premium
I have lived with this pain since 1992.
The nerve will not heal. Keeps me alert.
KLewis Premium
Sorry Ken,
The pain got so bad,That I went thru the Front of the Doctors Office.
Went right thru the room,When the Doctor was in with a patient.
At that point,I told the Doctor.I need your help now.
He told me that he will never forget that.
I kicked the door right open.
Ken-Pringle Premium
Sometimes it takes a forceful approach.
Got his attention, Right? :-)
KLewis Premium
Had to do that Ken,
In my book,This Doctor is in my top 10.
He will be in my live as long as,I am in this world.
Ken-Pringle Premium
Glad you found him, Ken
CarlaIves Premium
Happy WA Anniversary! Haven't had a shoulder or hip replacement, but I've had around 30 core surgeries due to various things. I think you should be VERY proud of what you've accomplished!
KLewis Premium
Thank you Carla.
dynamite8 Premium
Sorry I got a new hip last Oct,., not a shoulder.
KLewis Premium
Shoulder Replacement lifespan, 10 years.
Hip Replacement 20
Thanks for your input.