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Last Update: January 14, 2017

First of all. I want to state that this is simply my opinion. I believe that out 'site health' gets too much of a deduction for each plug-in over the cound of two. I mean first of all we have teh SEO plug-in tha I thought with going through the training was a 'must have' plug-in, or one like it. Then there is Akismet, to help protect you against spam in your comment section. I currently have this deactivated, because at this point it is not needed.

My theme had me install four plug-ins, so now my site health is '0'!

I have experimented around a little and you can have 3 plug-ins and you are at 90%, then just one or two more and you are at 0 again.

Why do these wiegh so heavily on our site health? What if I wanted to put in Woo Commerce? Or a Gallery? Or anything to optimize my site?

It feels like being punished for trying to grow your site. I understand we can do without these, and if you were talented enough you could just code these things in yourself. I am trying to learn how to use Elementor's drag and drop feature--not 'quite' as easy as they show, because I can't get anything (like images) to line up side-by-side without making the entire page have 5 columns. Sorry, got off track there.

Anyway Elementor, suggests 2 plug-ins, and there we are back to '0'.

I have tested my site speed with all of the plug-ins that I could want, and my page speed is very fast. I know it says we are being deducted because it slows down our site.

So the way I see it--again just my opinion--is the only people that are going to get all of these sections in your site health green, is if you are a programmer and can get by with just two maybe three plug-ins.

Right now it is not a real big problem for me, my sites are too new and underdeveloped for it to matter, but it is also one of the few things I can control on my site health sections, because I can't make Google 'trust' me, and I can't force people to leave comments, when I have no visitors. (the site I get the most traffic on is one of my least developed, so go figure).

I know this sounds like a really negative post, but it honestly isn't meant to be, I just think my site health is getting punished if I want it to look nice, or be optimized.

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Taresa Premium
I was just looking at my site health and I am getting banged for that too....yet the plug-ins I am using have all been necessary and now I am going to attempt to use woo-commerce and looks like I will never get passed 0% for the plug-ins. Can someone with WA comment on this please?
MozMary Premium
I find it more helpful to look at my site speed when I add a plugin to see how it affects the total load...
drjec Premium
This is so true. I have plugins that I feel are absolutely necessary and yet it affects site health negatively.
paulgoodwin Premium
I agree 100% and I think that the plug in is WAY out of date because things have changed so much in the past year even!

Now this is only a WA internal thing and does not affect your website own any way with visitors so do not worry - one of my friends uses 11 plugins!!!
KerriM Premium
My site health is in the green and my google trust right now is 10%- hoping for 20% any day now. Hop onto the Site Comments and Site Feedback to exchange with other members. It's possible to be in the green and have a lot of plugins- I have more than 5 and my site speed is still good.
paulgoodwin Premium
I now use 7 and speed is great BUT it was the 7th that made my site quicker!!!
kasage00 Premium
it says to not have more than 5, but with what is needed for our sites these days, it's hard to keep it under 5.

I would think current plugins are lighter-weight so it will not have much of an impact on our site speed.
paulgoodwin Premium
Yes 5 is way way way out of date