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February 14, 2017
If you don't already know, these past few weeks have been a struggle for me. But this week things seem to be coming around for me. No, I still haven't made any money, but my website (my woodworking one) is really starting to come together for me. I feel like I have really gotten into a rhythm of posting my plans and having downloadable plans too. For some reason adding the downloadable plans are what has spurred this rash of activity on my part. You would think just the opposite would have happ
January 25, 2017
I'm looking in the corner where the editor is asking me whether this is a 'Success Post', can't really answer that, but I have come into some insights I thought I would share.What I call the 'backdoor', is all the work we do to optimize our site to make it the best website we can, as far as speed, indexing, etc.What I refer to as the 'Frond Door', is the meat of my websites; adding content, interacting with visitors (If you are lucky enough to have any yet), and in general making your website '
January 14, 2017
First of all. I want to state that this is simply my opinion. I believe that out 'site health' gets too much of a deduction for each plug-in over the cound of two. I mean first of all we have teh SEO plug-in tha I thought with going through the training was a 'must have' plug-in, or one like it. Then there is Akismet, to help protect you against spam in your comment section. I currently have this deactivated, because at this point it is not needed.My theme had me install four plug-ins, so now m
December 10, 2016
I have been working really hard this last week putting content on my website, and it seemed I was getting nowhere, because I have so much more that needs to be done.So tonight after dinner I decided to do just a little bit more before watching a show and then going to bed. My site health has always been orange and according do the analysis it was because I was getting no feedback. I still haven't gotten any feedback so wasn't expecting any changes, but when I looked my site health bar is now bl
November 29, 2016
So, after a very frustrating week, with things going wrong right and left. Nothing major, just ever time I went to do something, bam! It wouldn't work. But I attacked each one, dinging away at them until I pounded that peg in that hole.Well , trasferred to yet another theme, stuck with it and even have my own Amazon store on there. It still looks amaturish, mostly because I need more content, but dang, there is no way you can do everthing at once.You have to prioritize. My No1 goal was to at le
November 24, 2016
Well I made it through Lesson 1, not without its glitzes, but hoping they get ironed out as I learn more.
November 21, 2016
Just bought my first domain froom google (much less confusing than GoDaddy.It had a feature where I could redirect the google domain (which is slightly different than the one here, from 'ilovebooks' to 'iloveallbooks') to my website here. Not sure how this will affect my being found on google or if I need to redo what I have done in my SEO.I guess what this does is all traffic from both places gets sent here?New territory for me.
November 19, 2016
I am so happy that there was a template available that actually went along with the website name. My website is growing (at least in posts and pages), and now I have decided to reorganize, which is going to be a lot of typing, but now that I have most of my Christmas stuff done I should have the time.I think with the reorganization and new topics, I will fair better with the google rankings, making it easier for my site to be found. I have been using the heck out of WA's keyword tool. I am so g
November 18, 2016
I literally just signed up one hour ago! Would love to go on to lesson two, but it is still the middle of the night for me, so will be going back to bed and be back here in a few hours.