Urgent help needed ive deleted my website

Last Update: November 07, 2015

I cant believe what i have just done, I think i have just lost all 9 pages and 30 blogs of my website that i've sent so long building up.

I wanted to chose a new website theme and without thinking straight i went to site rubix then site builder, filled out the domain, chose a new theme. Thinking it would just change the theme and transfer everything i have done already to set up the site it has now over written it all.

So all i have now is an empty site with a new theme.

I genuinely feel sick as ive put so much effort into this.

Do you know if there is any way or resetting it so i can go back to my previous theme and content. If i lost it all and theres nothing i can do about it then ive no choice but to unregister from WA as i just cant go through all that time and effort again which i hope you all understand. Im not one for giving up in life but this is too much to start over again.


please help urgently

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mijareze Premium
It's a little too late now but for future reference you should have a backed copy of your site. I have used back up by blogvault.
gmegs Premium
That's excellent!
...remember to always make backups!
I feel so much better for you now.
kirby34 Premium
It wooorrrrkkkkeedddd!! I have my website back pheewwww. Site support reset it with the back up of the original before I mucked up.

What a sigh of relief.
betcha Premium
What an experience! But this is indeed a great relief knowing that when it happens again, you know what to do. And thanks for sharing. It definitely informs us and make us aware that we can always have our website back just in case. Oh, well, this is technology and there is always a way out.
Dmorrow Premium
Glad you got help! I was going to suggest that support could probably fix it.
Harrysastar2 Premium
Don't know whether it will work, but you could try going back to your original theme and see if it's still there. Otherwise do what Loes says.
kirby34 Premium
I've just submitted s support ticket. I've sent a ticket in the past and never got a reply back, by luck I managed to sort that problem out myself. If I don't here back from them again I'll do what you suggest trying.

Thanks for the support so far I'm in a bit of a panic now over this.
Loes Premium
Send in a support ticket, your website is backed up through WA