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January 02, 2016
I can't believe it has taken me so long to get around to doing this but now it's set up and I'm busy posting all of my blogs onto it to make it more established. Out of the 53 blogs in 7 months I've posted about 15 of them on FB so far so along way to go yet! check out the above link and add me as a friend if it is of interest to you. I have listed all of my social media on my profile.Just one final thought, how do you all find LinkedIn? If it is
I hope everyone has had a great Christmas and I wish you all a happy new
Hello everyone My word what a tedious evening WA has been for me tonight. Neively I had neglected alt texting any images. It was not until I read a training blog here on WA from another member that I realised its importance to help with site my evening consisted of going through all 47 blogs I've published to date to add keyword related artical specific alt text to each and every image. Boy this has been exhausting, I wish I had paid more attention in training as this mino
November 29, 2015
Ok so for the first time in 5 months I've just checked a small handful of blog rankings via Jaaxy and to my surprise and horror only one of them was found ie within the first 20 Google pages. The only one was on page 8 so I'm doing something really wrong.I know I need to alt text my images as its been a while but I've forgot how it's done so I've been overlooking it. I aim to blog between 1000 - 2000 words, have a keyboard title (of less than 300 QSR) and repeated in the first paragraph. Includ
November 10, 2015
Hi everyone After 5 months of being at WA concentrating purely on my niche I have decided to expand the website to include a separate tab on the homepage promoting WA. I didn't want to go through setting up a completely separate site so I'm giving this a go. I've published 5 blogs already and now started bootcamp.Hopefully this will be a way of getting more traffic to my website and start earning an income. I've given myself the task of completing bootcamp by Christmas time which should be more
I cant believe what i have just done, I think i have just lost all 9 pages and 30 blogs of my website that i've sent so long building up. I wanted to chose a new website theme and without thinking straight i went to site rubix then site builder, filled out the domain, chose a new theme. Thinking it would just change the theme and transfer everything i have done already to set up the site it has now over written it all. So all i have now is an empty site with a new theme.I genuinely feel sick as
November 01, 2015
Hi everyone I would really really really appreciate if you would all visit my site, Choose any blog at all (there's 28 so you have plenty to choose from!). Read through which ever one you fancy and fill out the comments box at the bottom of the blog. Alternatively return your construct criticism below so I can improve my site further following your feedbackIm more than happy to return the gesture if you mail me your website address.Thanks in advance.
October 28, 2015
Hi everyoneI've been doing some Google research looking at other random website to just get some presentation ideas. One thing I come across which I do like is an intro video page. I looked further into this and there's plenty of sites offering free set up using there various templates and you just add your own text. This is more common on you tube but I did see quite a lot of website having it and I feel it gives a professional start to the site.I haven't from anyone at WA who has this and I a
Hello everyoneI keep receiving emails saying 'New user registration on your site', followed by their username and email address. What benefit does this give me and what do I do with all of these users?KindRegards
HiyaI'd really appreciate if you can check my site as on my screen the website is formed to the left of the screen instead of being central and it makes it look unprofessional. Because it's to the left it means that down the entire right hand side of the screen is blank. Any help would be most appreciated.Regards