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Problems with latest version of All In One SEO Pack

Problems with latest version of All In One SEO Pack

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I just installed the latest version (2.0) of the All in One SEO Pack plugin. As soon as I did, the tags and SEO titles, keywords and descriptions disappeared from all of my pages


Note that it Automatically optimizes your titles and tags for you. Even if the tags are removed it will scan the document for tags.

Note: at the bottom it recommends backing up your site before upgrading

Thanks Craig, I appreciate your input. I eventually figured this out, however not until after starting this discussion.

I installed the plugin too but didn't have that issue. Do you have the latest version of WP itself? Perhaps that could have caused the issue. As for reinstalling the previous version, if you have lost all the data anyway, the best would be to try it out - no harm done!

Yes, I have the latest version of WP. It was probably kind of stupid of me not to try reinstalling the previous version before I posted this, but I thought I might, in some way, create more problems. But now I'll go ahead and do it. Thanks!

I wish I knew the answer... perhaps ask Kyle or Carson. Thanks for posting the problem...

Thanks....I appreciate your response anyway!

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