Last Update: December 28, 2012
Not too long ago, I had a really great job. I also had a really great salary to go along with it. I was actually probably paid more than I was worth. But who was I to question the 'powers that be' and their wisdom regarding my pay. Unfortunately, that great job is now gone. Along with the great pay and the lifestyle it afforded me.

The transition from 'having' to 'have not' hasn't been easy. One day when I was depressed and feeling sorry for myself about my new circumstances, I came across a website that helped put things in perspective for me. It's a site that compares one's income with that of the rest of the world's population, and tells you how you rank worldwide. With my current income (which I considered rather meager), I rank pretty high. Surprisingly so.

It made me realize how grateful I should be for what I do have. And then there is also the point to be made that when one door closes, another opens. So I am also grateful to have found WA, and the opportunities it offers.

All of this brings me to make a resolution for the new year. May I always try and remember to be thankful for all that I do have, and not focus on what might be lacking.

The site.....


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mama2karsten Premium
That was beautifully expressed... Many here have walked in your shoes... with time you will be fine and you will succeed. Thanks for sharing the link.
kipper30 Premium
Thanks for taking the time to read it.
Joe Henning Premium
Sobering, I would say and thanks for your insight....
melaniekaren Premium
what a beautiful realization and breakthrough you have had :) It has helped me too. Thank you for that.
The right decision and the key to success is all yours!
Salem Premium
Great way of looking at it, Kip. Too often we forget that most of the world around us is much, much worse off. Cheers