How i became a vegetarian ...

Last Update: October 03, 2013


First know that my english isn't my native language so sorry in advance for the grammar mistakes :)

Since i'm young i love animals, i consider every animals as earthlings like us who deserve same respect.

My goal here isn't to be rich to buy a nice car or a nice home, of course i need money to survive but my real goal is to have a land where i can accept every animals who need help. My wife support me every day, she's an animal fighter and a vegetarian too and every days i feel blessed ...

Today i made my first dollar here in Wealthy Affiliate and even if it's 1 dollar i have the feeling that i'm on the good direction, thank you WA communauty :)

I became a végéterian after watching the movie earthlings narrated by Joachim Phoenix Movi here and i will never regret this choice who made me wake up everyday with the feeling that i'm on a part of a millions animals massacre.

I respect every meat eaters, my friends eat meat, my family too and yes i'm a vegetarian but i wont lie, sometimes i miss meat ;)

That was my little blog of the day, so you can know me i little more :)

Thank for reading


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IslandMike Premium
Very nice blog and also nice website. Your grammar may not be perfect but the feelings and sincerity right right through!
Khaos Premium
Thank you Mike :) I always talk with my heart when it's about animals. Wish you all the best on your life :)
AnnieB Premium
Hi Jeremy, I respect you for going vegetarian. I only eat a minimal of red meat and I like grass fed and organic meat. At least I know the animal has had some decent life. I only buy eggs and chicken that are free range for the same reason. I am an animal lover and cannot accept what some countries do to them. I will not visit Asian countries because of what they do to dolphins, bears, whales etc. Well done for making your first dollar!
LisB247 Premium
Congratulations Jeremy on making your first dollar. You are doing great. Good luck for a prosperous future.

Khaos Premium
Thank you :)
nancykaye Premium
Yes, it's true. I learn every day. It's a thriving cooperative community unlike some other groups.
nancykaye Premium
Hi Jeremy,
That was a great blog. I didn't watch the movie yet 1) because of time and 2) if it shows animals being killed or forced to live like slaves I'd rather not see it.

But I feel the same. All life forms have that special quality that differentiates them from physical forms. It's life. That's precious.

I am very happy for your first dollar. I know it means a lot and I look forward to mine. I'm not yet on level 3, monetizing but hope to get there soon.
Khaos Premium
Thank nancy :) Yeah the movie show horrible things ...
No worry your first dollar will come , every day that you spend on working here is a beneficit even without earning money ;)
Nice to meet people here in WA who love animals too :)