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Last Update: Jul 9, 2018

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Spending time going through the WA training, because going back over the practice help me to understand more fully each step I have accomplished already.
I remember the first article I wrote; I stuffed it with the keywords, to remember this time makes me smile.
For you newbie, you should focus on having a keyword in a title, then keyword in the description in your first paragraph, and keyword in your last section.
When I write content, I try to focus on the details of the message as much as I can
My niche is broad enough to write more articles, and I try to keep them simple to help people that are searching for solutions and information
Google has indexed some of my items; I still need working on that to improve more quality in my articles.
What I am trying to do is to focus well and on the right things, to share my content online with social media more often.
I said "Trying" it is not always the case, because I haven't been very consistent, I know that everything takes time and organization.
I need to set up new goals to realize that I have a time commitment to drive my business in the right way.
Knowing I have to use Google+ more effectively as the marketing tool
I support right now some program; my site has ads, but not too intrusive, that melt well with my site.
I have my up and down like anybody else
The primary focus for me is to stay confident and motivated.
I want to be a rock, and I am a rock!

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We all learn from trial and error. I too have content that is stuffed with keywords. I have to go back and re-write those. But there are others where the keywords fit in naturally to the content, is that still wrong? I really don't know. Just keep plugging along and you'll get there.

Thank you, for reading my post and taking the time to leave a comment.
What I have learned about the keywords, is better not to stuff them through your content.
To be sure, maybe ask the community to have different opinions.

Yep, that's my focus going forward. I know I've got some re-working to do.

Thanks for sharing. Here's to hanging in there and staying consistent

Hello, Klane thank you for taking the time to read and leave your comment.

Thanks for sharing a great post as it points out the importance things like consistency and focusing on doing the right things


Hello, Jeff, thank you for spending the time to read my post, and for the nice comment, we have to stay motivated, persistent and confident to continue the journey.

Nice to hear from you. Wishing you a great progress with your business.

Here you are, nice to see you Nadja, hope everything is great with you.
Thank you for your support.

Good on you sis.

Thank you, Teanimo, for your support.

Your post was great, thank you for sharing.

Hello, Heljam, thank you for your comments, I really appreciate.

Awesome post. Keep practicing and build that dream.

Thank you, Merlynmac, for your support.

Any time.

Thanks for sharing Jacqueline. You have a positive attitude and realistic goals. You know what you need to do and I'm quite sure you will achieve them too.

Hello, Tarn, thank you for your nice comment, I think the best way to fight the negative thoughts when you feel down is to try to stay positive as much as possible you can.
Be well.

I have tagged your blog, For future reference.

You are so sweet, Sandy.
Thank you.

You are a rock Jackie and you are going great. Just keep going and make your rock a solid foundation
All the best to you

Thank you, so much Vicki, for your great comment.
I wish you a superb week.

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