Decisions, Decisions. and a change of Direction

Last Update: May 27, 2018

Hi all,

I've really enjoyed my adventures here at WA to date, and building out my boot camp website writingforcash

However, I've come to the realization that I need to focus my time more in other areas of my life.

If only there were more hours in the day, but there are not, and I simply cannot fit everything I want to achieve into what little time I have.

As much as it kills me... I'm going to put my writingforcash website on the back burner for the time being - to focus on our existing bricks and mortar business, as we need to get our marketing strategy in place before next summer. For those of you who don't know, my husband and I own a little boutique accommodation business called Omau Settlers Lodge on the West Coast of New Zealand. My focus is to apply all the learning from Wealthy Affiliate to build out an authority site for the business of all the wonderful things to see and do within the region.

As a hotelier we are getting our profits squeezed by the 'big boys' such as and Expedia who take 15% of every sale through their site. Therefore, my priority is to get our website ranking better on google and build an online presence independently of these online travel agencies (OTAs) so that we get more direct bookings through our website. After all, 15% in our pocket sounds much better than 15% in theirs!

I have used Canva to build a really strong brand theme - here's a couple of the post feature images that I've created using the template.

Now, when I blog on a new topic, all I have to do is swap out the background image and put in a title :)

If you haven't discovered CANVA yet, by all means check out my training tutorials about how to use this tool to develop your brand - it's absolutely fantastic and has really helped me to create a strong identity for my website.

I also have another niche site which is ticking along okay and I will continue with that one as it's making a steady stream of adsense income.

I'm building email lists, trust and loyalty through both of these sites.

The niche site already has affiliate links throughout and I do plan on adding in affiliate links to the motel website once I have a steady stream of traffic to the site.

So... The SWAG challenge ...

I really hope I'm not booted out of the training - as I am still following the lessons, but rather than promoting WA, I'm applying the learning to my own businesses. The monthly training set by Kyle is a huge source of motivation for me, especially the writing targets.

My writingforcash website is getting referrals, and yes, I can see that it will be successful given time and a lot more content - but I have to be realistic about what I can fit into my day and my existing business interests absolutely need to come first.

Anyway, enough about me, just thought I'd write an update on where I'm at and why I haven't been particularly active here over the last few weeks.

All the best to all my WA peeps who are doing the challenge... I hope you are seeing some good break through moments with your respective websites - and I'd love to hear how you are getting on!

Best wishes, Karen,

Cape Foulwind, West Coast NZ :)

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Bryan8 Premium
Karen, those images look great! Putting your site on the back burner to focus on your primary source of income is smart. It's obviously not the most desirable thing to do, but probably is the smartest in reality. Maybe you could spend a couple of hours a week on it?

In any case I wish you and your husband a happy and profitable tourist season ahead!
kdforsman Premium
Hey Bryan... thanks for your feedback, I feel a bit better now that I've made the decision - I've been in an awkward holding pattern while I've been trying to figure out the best approach for ME. At the end of the day, we are all on our own journey, we all have our own aspirations and circumstances and we have to work within that. I'll still be active here on WA, just with a slightly different focus. Best wishes, Karen
Bryan8 Premium
I hate that time of indecision. It seems like it lasts forever even if it's only a couple of hours. It's always better for me after I make the decision. Even if it's wrong and I have to change it I've done something.
kdforsman Premium
That is so true. All the while I was 'pondering' the right decision (in my case this has taken the best part of a month), my writing output decreased to virtually zero! Now that the decision is made, my focus is back and I'm ready to crack on! Best wishes, Karen
SWhitley Premium
Too many tasks and not enough hours... Sometimes we have to look at the huge canvas and decide where to devote love to right now. We can always fill in the blanks when we get caught up.
Cape Foulwind sounds like something your heart is in and I think you have a great plan and will kick the Big Guy's tail. You are on the ground there, play to your strengths!
Best of luck and not only see you in Vegas some-day but hope to see your paradise firsthand!
To Success, by the best route possible!
kdforsman Premium
Hey thanks Sanders! Love your comment and yes, hope to get to Vegas someday!! Best wishes, Karen
Bald Eagle Premium
Best of luck Karen - sounds like a very good idea to me as 15% is a big cut and once you get your site ranked higher than the "big boys" can you imagine what it will be worth?
This is a great way to use the training you have learned here.
See you back and active here soon.
kdforsman Premium
Hi there, thanks for your comments and yes you're right, it's a big chunk out of our bottom line. I'll still be on here regularly as I have our motel site hosted through WA/SiteRubix - that was one of the best things I did when I first joined. It's meant I can make the most of all the built in extras we get on our websites, not to mention keyword research, sitecontent and the training. etc etc.
Best wishes. Karen
JulieKJ Premium
It sucks to have to put your website on the back burner but the great thing about affiliate marketing is you can always come back to it!
I've had to do the same several times with my websites and, sometimes it takes months, but I finally get back to a place where I can start focusing on it again.

I wish you the best of luck and hope to see you back here regularly soon!
kdforsman Premium
Hey Julie,

I'm still going to be around on WA, just not focusing on my bookcamp site. But yes, I agree with you, I can pick up things wit my writingforcash site once things settle - whenever that might be!

Thanks for reading and for your kind words.
Cheers, Karen
HeidiY Premium
Sounds like a very sensible plan of action Karen. We love NZ, holidayed a few years ago, but only had time to do the middle of the North Island. Perhaps we will get back there at some stage and put Cape Foulwind on our itinerary.

Best wishes on the new site, look forward to seeing the post showing you in #1 rank over the big boys.
kdforsman Premium
Hi Heidi, thanks so much - I hate not achieving goals or sticking to something when I have made the commitment, but our existing business has to come first - especially when it's the one that's putting food on the table and a roof over our heads! That said, my affiliate marketing sites are still part of my long term strategy towards retirement - so I am not planning on dropping the ball completely...

Hope to see you here in NZ one day.
Best wishes, Karen