1 Website or Multiple? Certification or Bootcamp?

Last Update: May 04, 2017

Oftentimes, I am not often confused as to whether I should start more websites so that they can get mature together but doing so may be overwhelming and result in you neglecting something.

My philosophy in this is for beginners, try making one and making a good one. Once you kind of settled down, your website is a little mature and you get more experienced then that's where you get your second website and so forth.

What do you guys think on this?

Also, regarding certification or getting started here and bootcamp, I personally started certification first because I felt that certification is more on basics (correct me if I am wrong) and bootcamp is for those who have completed certification and have a good and running website.

What are your views on this? Did you start with certification or bootcamp and how did it go?

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kylekrason Premium
Man, I can't fathom doing another website. I'm being an idiot right now and combining what maybe could be separate niches into my one blog.

My inclination is to start with one. Get 40 posts up.. Learn he ropes (keywording, etc), the venture onto the second with hopefully much more focus and skill.

loriC1 Premium
I started the Certification, and I think just one site at a time.
markr0675 Premium
I personally think that one website built first is best so the lessons learned can assist when building a second one later. Especially if you're new to this like I am.

I also agree that the certification course should be learned before jumping into bootcamp. Again especially for newbies with no experience.
MKearns Premium
Start off with ONE great website with ONE big idea. Diversification can come later!
Labman Premium Plus
One website at a time, dividing your attention doesn't help when you have to focus on getting a site ranking.

I think people should definitely start with the certification courses. Competing in the MMO space for a newbie just doesn't make sense to me.