One step at a time

Last Update: February 11, 2018

Putting it out there, building my confidence...

So far, I've been able to set up my website, have experienced a huge learning curve and overcome many fears on this journey so far. I've only been doing this for over 2 months.

One issue I have noticed though is the lack of confidence or belief from my friends in my ability of being able to make money from doing my blog. Admittedly, I've yet to make any money, and am okay with this, as I feel so green and new at this. But I know it's possible, and am willing to do the hard yards, am persistent and open to learning as I progress through the certifications and improve my site.

I am still in the process of being approved with, was rejected by adsense for no obvious reason and am in the process of finding a range of affiliates, as well as getting stuck at times with creating new blog posts, and still haven't figured out how to place side bar advertisements but the progress is there nonetheless. Despite these set backs, I see this as contributing to my determination to keep going, I can see how much I've learnt and grown so far, and know that now's not the time to quit.

I am having fun working through the unknown and learning, even though this can be frustrating at times, but I'm okay with sitting with this and working through anyway.

I value and appreciate all of the support from this amazing community which proves itself to me increasingly as I involve myself more and continue to progress through the certifications. Thanks for taking the time to stop by xx

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ontherise Premium
Glad to hear you're reaching out to the community. It took me a while too until I realized that I was spending too much time trying to work through things when the answers were already here.
As far as family and friends, well if they understood, they would probably be here as well! Don't let anyone tell you that you can't!
Schroeder40 Premium
LOVE your title One Step At A Time, that's all it takes to keep moving forward. Sounds like your doing a great job, keep it up and best wishes to you!
EddySalomon Premium
So here's the thing about family and friends and what I learned to do:
elores Premium
You are going in the right direction don't give up, you'll make it to the finish line. All the best.
skmorrow Premium
Yes, step by step is the way it goes. I wish you the best. This takes a lot of time and patience, I am learning. Best of luck to you.
katmac Premium
Thanks for the encouragement, all the best for you too :)