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Last Update: Apr 15, 2013


Joining WA has been kinda like diving from a high platform for me.

After I joined WA, I found myself so excited and terrified at the same time. It was like standing on that high platform above a pool and being ever so afraid to jump.

So, I spent some time just standing there, looking down at the water. My heart was racing and the blood was pumping through my veins at a rapid pace. "What would this be like?" I mused, standing there so still. When I throw my body in to the abyss, there's definitely no turning back.

What am I afraid of?

Well, heights, for one: elevators, high buildings with glass floors, etc. Terrifying! Always has been!

Fear of Failure?

Will it hurt when I hit the water? Will I go to the bottom and never come up? Will I drown? Probably not.

Minutes turned in to days, turned into weeks, turned into months.

Then, I finally jumped in to Bootcamp, Phase 1, Lesson 1. "Wow," I thought, "This is exhilarating!" There's something about that free fall - finally, bending your knees, springing out and letting your feet leave the platform.

There I was in the deep of the water.

I opened my eyes and truly saw for the first time the true value of WA. I swam toward the surface to take that first breath of precious air. Ahhhhh, air! And as I swam to the side of the pool, I thought, "Hey, I think I'll climb that platform again - Lesson 2 and so on and so on.

The answer to your fear and procrastination is, Jump In!

It isn't scary anymore, standing there at the edge of the platform. It's life changing. So, jump in to Boot Camp! You will be exhilarated!

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Is that why my ears have been plugged up for four months? Tnx! John

LOL! It could be! Thanks for reading, John!

Kathy, you really have a way with words - what a great analogy! About yesterday, did you find any answers to the keyword dilemma? I'm thinking not to concern myself with the keywords until I come across it in the Boot-Camp training. Right now I'm at day 7 - Wealthy Affiliate Review Page.

Hi Devan! Thanks for that wonderful compliment. I appreciate you reading! :) Regarding the keyword dilemma. I have a problem with links and keywords getting jumbled up in my head. I was told by another member that Kyle addresses these things in Bootcamp, Phase 2. Kyle has told me twice now to put my links at the end of my pages. Since I'm so frustrated and didn't know quite how to accomplish that, I looked at Bootcamp, Phase 2 and WA links is in Lesson 2. So, I've decided to jump ahead to that lesson and then come back to Phase 1. I think this will somewhat relieve my frustration. :) Otherwise, I am right there with you at "creating your review" lesson. So, we are together on this. Let's stay in touch for encouragement, okay?

Sounds great! Glad you got that sorted. I'll keep you up-dated!

Always love your post:)

It's amazing how the membership here will buoy up your progress. There is someone that will always throw you a life-ring when you pull a hammy.

Love the post. Thanks

I am with you Craig, this place is amazing :)

I agree with you and Ema. I love it here! Thanks for reading, Craig, and for your comment!

Oh and BTW, Craig, I love your water references. :)

Nice :)

Thanks for reading, Shawn! Thanks for the comment.

Were would we be if we never go beyond our fears!


So, you didn't drown? OK, this week is just one long series of disappointments. :P Rich. x

I told you in LC I was afraid to look and I was right. Well, thanks for reading, I think! :)

LOL. .... chlorine, blah.... ozone, blah.... :P However, you've learnt the most important lesson in my opinion, which is "Take Action!". You can't learn to swim by just by reading about it or watching videos. Rinse. Repeat. Practise. Practise. Practise. :) R. x

And so I'm learning...

Oh Kathy, I remember how nervous I was with my first website. I was afraid the world would end when I hit the key to actually put it online! :D That was five years ago, and now I feel like an old hand.

Jumping right in is the answer. It does get easier!

LOL. Thanks for the encouragement, Darlene! Appreciate you taking the time to read! I want to eventually feel like an old hand too! :)

Give it time! You will. :D

Absolutely! We need a plan. Would love to meet you too!

Love this!!! I would love to meet. So we need to make a plan.
Talk to you later

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