Leaving WA

Last Update: Aug 30, 2017


Goodbye everyone, I am leaving the WA community. It was fun when I first joined but over time things changed and now I am not getting any more use out of it. The $47/month is getting too costly. i'm moving my website to another host.

If you'd like to keep in contact, you can find me in facebook


So long, farewell, auf widersehen goodbye


Recent Comments


It was pleasure connecting with you, Karin. All the best in your endeavors.

Karin I'm sad to hear that you leave WA.
I think it's very nice of you to tell us about it. It's always sad not to know why a familiar face disappears in the community. Now we at least know that you are OK and just want to find new adventures.

Unfortunately I don't have a Facebook account yet, but when I have one it would be nice to follow you there.

I wish you all the best for the future.

Sorry to hear that, but I can understand it... we can stay in touch on Facebook... already sent you the request ;-)
Good luck,

Sorry, you are leaving. I will stay in touch.

Good luck, Karin, sad to see you to leave.

Sad to see you leaving WA, wish you the best,

Sorry to see you leave. All the best!

Happy trails!

Sorry to see you leave Karin.......but you know what's best for yourself.
Best wishes and success....

I hate to see you go, but I definitely wish you the best. I hope you see success elsewhere in your journey.

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