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August 30, 2017
Goodbye everyone, I am leaving the WA community. It was fun when I first joined but over time things changed and now I am not getting any more use out of it. The $47/month is getting too costly. i'm moving my website to another host.If you'd like to keep in contact, you can find me in facebook long, farewell, auf widersehen goodbyeKarin
I tried to log into my website to add a new article, and I get this error message.Did anybody else get this?
It's a marketing program by Michael Force. Something about it seemed scammy. I don't know what this program sells. To me it sounds like a pyramid scheme. It seems the only way to make money is when someone signs up under you. To me that's an MLM/pyramid scheme.Has anyone tried it? If yes, let me know your thoughts.
April 18, 2017
My e-book is on Amazon! To see it, search for Great Than a Tourist, and you will see mine, which is the Philadelphia book. If you can't find it, you can PM me and I still send a direct link.
April 15, 2017
I just noticed I hit the 1000 follower mark! Yay!Thank you everyone!
So I tried something new and another way to make money online. This is a project I got on (formerly Outsource).It is mystery shopping except I am visiting the shop via phone and not in person.I disguise myself as an interested customer who responded to their TV commercial. I do not mention I respond to the TV commercial unless I am asked. I am in no way to tell the customer service rep that I am on an assignment. I have to act interested in the product.I note down the phone number an
April 04, 2017
I would love to pick up that kitten in the picture and take him home!The time has come, and it took a long time. I am leaving my dead-end office job and will become self-employed. I will be an independent contractor for a health insurance company. I will have paid training them will be able to work remotely.No more being trapped in an office cube for 8 hours. I will finally be able to work for myself and not someone else. My salary will be significant higher too. There's no salary cap like at m
Did anyone else get this email regarding changes to the Amazon Associates program, which is starting April 1?Associates Operating Agreement – What’s ChangedHere are some of the most important updates we made to the Amazon Associates Program Operating Agreement on April 1, 2017:Changes to the Program Policies• We’re offering a special rate of 12% for purchases generated from Recommendation and Search Native Shopping Ads for the month of April. Terms and conditions apply; s
The weather has finally shaped up so I was able to go to the farm and go horseback riding. It was cloudy, but at least no rain. I had to use the indoor arena because the ground was too muddy because of the snow melting.I still had to use the indoor area because the ground was wet from the snow melting. But hey, the weather was warm!The farm is currently up for sale, but it has not been sold yet. There was no indication of any interested buyers. Some other equestrian facilities are renting out s
I thought I was going to lose my Amazon Associate account (the deadline to make a sale was just days away) but then I saw someone bought 5 items. The commission is only $3.35 but hey, that's better than nothing, and it saved my account.