The world is conspiring to make us successful

Last Update: September 02, 2020

And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. ~ Paulo Coelho, Author

Many of the people that I know and live around have a not so positive attitude about life. They see nearly everything as a negative thing. This isn't easy for me. I try to visualize positive things in my life, but negativity rubs off and onto a person.

That is why I love communicating with most of you here at Wealthy Affiliate because you are a positive bunch! You share the thoughts that I have, that the world is conspiring to make us successful!

We are realists, but we are also dreamers.

We are fighters, but we are also compassionate.

We are strong, but we have a soft side.

We are...

I am allowing the universe to work with me to help me achieve my goals! So far it is working out pretty well! I am excited to see what will unfold during the month of September!

With 2020 Vision,
Karin 😎

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Francisco97 Premium
It's normal that sometimes we feel weary specially if we compare ourselves to those who are already successful, and most of them have experienced it, mostly on the first 4 to 5 months of this kind of business. When those successful people had stopped then so they couldn't be what they are today. Therefore, when i feel like quitting I always remember why I started.
PMindra Premium
Hi, Karin.
Nice to read your thoughts once again.

"I am allowing the universe to work with me to help me achieve my goals! So far it is working out pretty well! I am excited to see what will unfold during the month of September!" - Karin

Keep us posted and updated.

Paul from Canada.
Linda103 Premium
It is not easy being surrounded by negative people Karin.
Keep going and you will get to a place where it no longer bothers you. Well mostly, the odd bit can catch you at a low moment and have an effect.
As time goes by though it gets easier. Humour helps. If all else fails laugh at them, its very effective..
LatinNomad Premium
Hi Karen, irs not easy when you are surrounded by negative thinkers or worse, those that express those thoughts. Heck, we all have bad days as I did on Tuesday but don't vocalise the negativity.

I fully agree with this quote & enjoyed your blog. The world is conspiring with us to succeed.

With the new moon in virgo this month, its also a time to reorganise, tidy up & improve our websites for ongoing & more success. I have some irritating 404 issues to solve & Im not quite sure how to do it. The training I have found ( Israel) is not 100% clear. But I will work it out & become an expert in the process.

& remember to those who may be negative in your life; "he or she who says it cant be done, dont stop the person DOING IT!"

Have a great day & week ahead as you, I & so many others succeed here with WA!

Best Regards,

JaneMahlehle Premium
It is right here where I learned to keep my positivity bubble going and to not allow any negativity in.
It can be tough sometimes, we’re only human.
But if you keep telling yourself over and over then it becomes your reality.
Thanks for spreading positivity Karin. Have a lovely day.