Where to put the Amazon Disclosure - an Official Answer from Amazon

Last Update: April 03, 2017

Hello everybody,

These days I was reading a lot about the AMAZON discosure statement and where it should be placed on a website that has affiliate links.

I have even asked a question here at WA and there were various opinions and best practices.

Based on my research, I understood that it is not recommended to put it in the Footer area and that is why I explicitly contacted Amazon support with this inquiry.

The following is a part of their reply in a raw format:

"To answer your question, displaying your disclosure statement at the foot of your website would be perfectly acceptable..

This statement should be placed on a main page that includes links that refer your visitors to Amazon.com. You only need to post this information once within the same website."

I hope that clarifies some things for anyone who has been wondering about the subject.

Have a lovely day/evening!



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Gunnertwist Premium
Thank u for the information, it is truly appreciated.
jtaienao Premium
Thanks for sharing this information Asen.
MKearns Premium
This jibes with great mentoring advice I am getting about footer placement!
Karax Premium
What do you mean, Mike?
MKearns Premium
A project I am working on!
GeoffGS Premium
That makes sense because the side bar goes down to the bottom anyway on mobile.
Karax Premium
Yep, indeed!
JerryHuang Premium Plus
Awesome. Thanks for sharing!

We've always heard different opinions from different people. But I guess the response from Amazon would be the most reliable one.
Karax Premium
Hey Jerry,

Yeah it's true. That was bugging me a lot and that is why I decided to directly receive an answer from the source.