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I know what you're probably thinking - it's not too much, but let me explain why I am so happy that I managed to do it.First of all, the website didn't make me any big money - it made 8$ in total in an year, mostly from Amazon commissions and Adsense.In the movies niche, the commissions are really tiny, especially when coming from Amazon and there are plenty of other free ways to watch a movie a part of buying it on a DVD or Blu-Ray.Recently, I started to get some steady traffic - 18 000 visito
Hi folks,Due to recent issues with my website I found a free WP platform which helped me to isolate the cause of the problems. Recently I was able to prove that one of it comes form the WA server. This could be very useful if you open a ticket to Site Support here and show to the guys that the issue is not happening if your website is hosted elsewhere.In that way, you are helping them in their troubleshooting.All you may need to do in order to reproduce the issue is to clone your website using
Hello everybody,These days I was reading a lot about the AMAZON discosure statement and where it should be placed on a website that has affiliate links.I have even asked a question here at WA and there were various opinions and best practices.Based on my research, I understood that it is not recommended to put it in the Footer area and that is why I explicitly contacted Amazon support with this inquiry.The following is a part of their reply in a raw format:"To answer your question, displaying y
March 29, 2017
Look at these AM quotes:Affiliate marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires. -Bo Bennet Without passion, you don’t have energy; without energy, you have nothing. Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion. – Donald Trump Patience, persistence, and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success. – Napoleon Hill In advertising, not to be different is virtual suicide. – Thornton Wilder Marketing is too important t
This question has been bugging me a lot and I'm sure that it was the same for many folks here as well.It appears that when it comes to the number of plugins, the right choice depends on their quality.“Every new plugin is a block of code that carries with it the potential of adding bloat to your website. But if that block of code is well-written, you have nothing to worry about. Seek out plugins that are created by well-known plugin authors.” – Ryan Sullivan, WP Site Care.Also,
Hello everybody,I want to share with you something very important-the Google's best practices for Affiliate websites: read it as it is crucial for understanding well what Google likes and don't like when it comes to affiliate links in our websites.I hope that you find this share useful, in case you haven't already seen this article.Greetings,Asen
March 18, 2017
Hello and happy weekend to you all!,Today I just wanted to share with you guys an awesome plugin that can help you display latest post on any page in the form of a responsive grid.It is called Content Views and it is free and available in the wordpress plugin search directory.For instance on my site it looks like this:It is highly customizeable, easy to use and has many possibilities to better present your posts. You can also display posts by category, id, author, etc in a very well structured
March 08, 2017
To all the lovely female online marketers out there:Happy Women’s day! You deserve to be happy today so enjoy your day to the fullest.
February 18, 2017
I believe you are your work. Don’t trade the stuff of your life, time, for nothing more than dollars. That’s a rotten bargain. – Rita Mae BrownHave a wonderful weekend ahead, folks!Asen
February 01, 2017
Hey Folks,I just wanted to share my excitement from the fact that 2 of my posts rank on page 1 on Google already.Here's one of them :For that one I used a long tail, low hanging fruit keyword with a QSR of 10.Plus, the first image showing up is with the label of my site as I put the keyword in the alt text of it.Another post that ranks on page 1 is with the keyword "van damme with a long hair" -another low hanging fruit.I am planning to start using more competitive keywords in order to gain mor