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*See below for explanation on WHY I am "JustEileen."

I'm a Baby-Boomer that has Never Grown Up! I enjoy Miniatures, Dolls, Little Houses that Light Up, Christmas, Toy Trains, and Actually Toys in General.

I Love God, Spending Time with my Family & Friends, Playing with My Youngest Grandchildren, Visiting with the Older Grandchildren, Working My Home Based Businesses & Making New Friends, Helping People, Genealogy, Writing, Reading, Researching, Learning and Teaching. I Like Science, History and Doing Genealogy. And I Like to Sew, Garden, Preserve Food, and Discover Ways for Healthy Living. ~ Through All My Years, I Have Learned to Love Living Life! ~

A Little About My Life:
I was born in Brooklyn, New York and moved to Uniontown, Pennsylvania when I was about 3-years-old ~ (after a rather wild story of my young life!). When I was 6-years-old, my then divorced mother and I moved to California, so she could find better paying work.

After a little while, a man she had dated in Pennsylvania, moved to California, so they could get married. So, when I was 9-years-old, I was blessed with a baby sister!

I got married at 17 and am still married to the same man to this day. It was 50-years in April of 2014. We have had a very interesting, some would say exciting and very FULL life. We raised four children, three boys and a girl. Sadly, we lost an unborn child and thirteen years later, our daughter was killed in an auto accident, just two weeks after her eighteenth birthday, while visiting her grandmother in Iowa. On a happy note, we have been blessed with nine grandchildren!

My husband and I have owned a couple of off-line businesses in the past. We were never in the "Hippie Generation," but for a while, we lived on 5-acres in WA. We home-schooled our four children and practiced homestead skills. We had a 100-doe Rabbitry (New Zealand White), plus bucks, as well as several Rex and a handful of other breeds. We also, had about 12 Nubian milk goats, chickens (Barred Rock & Araucana), along with geese and ducks. We learned to garden (under harsh conditions!), preserve food, butcher, tan pelts, make soap, live without running water and many other things that helped me appreciate what my ancestors went through!

My husband had a career with the airlines. That offered our family some nice opportunities to travel to visit family and friends. We also moved from California to the Pacific Northwest, to Iowa, back to the Pacific Northwest, back to California, and again - back to the Pacific Northwest. (Whew! Yes, we moved a lot. At last count - in 1981 - it was 31 times! I gave up counting after that.)

I was mostly a stay-at-home mom until we started our businesses in 1988. In 1994, my husband became ill and unable to work, so in 1997 we closed our businesses, and moved to California to also be close to my widowed mother. That opened an opportunity for me to work for Boeing as a Database Administrator, secure document librarian, liaison, computer help desk and many other titles rolled into one (LOL) in the Configuration Management Department for the International Space Station Program. That was a great job.

Shortly after my mother passed away, the attacks of 911 happened and Boeing was hit financially. In time, that meant I would have to be laid off. Any chance for a replacement job was dead! We became unable to keep the house and car paid for, so we sold the house (just in the nick of time to save it from foreclosure!) and moved back to the Pacific Northwest hoping to find more affordable living.

Finding work in my field was even more difficult to find, eventually I retrained as a Certified Nurses Assistant and worked in an Alzheimer's facility. Although I loved my work with the 'residents,' the pay ($7.50 pr hr, 30 hrs pr wk) was too low to sustain us, as we only had my husband's disability. I learned that Pharmacy Technicians were paid fairly well, and that the national testing was in 5 weeks! So I crammed the books in every spare minute I could find, took the test and with the Lord's help I passed! Once I received my Certified Pharmacy Technician license, I found a position working in a retail pharmacy. We were so hungry I jumped at it and looked no further. Big Mistake!

I have Fibromyalgia which, among other things, causes chronic pain and fatigue; I also have pain from scoliosis, spinal stenosis and cervical stenosis. With the demands and work environment of retail, I also began to have constant trouble with my allergies and my asthma grew much worse requiring too frequent use of an inhaler. I suffered greatly under those work conditions as my health issues grew worse. I fought to make it through each day. After three years, I needed to take an early retirement.

Currently my husband and I are working to build an Internet business and do some writing in order to earn an income to supplement our social security money.

Things I Like:
God, My Family, My Home Based Businesses, Writing, Reading, Researching, Learning, Gardening, Healthy Living, Sewing, Time with my Family & Friends, Playing with my Youngest Grandchildren, and Life!

As many probably know, life, as well as starting a business, can be tough at times. But faith and God give me strength to push on. Get up, one more time than I’ve been knocked down! I persevere in order to follow my dream of running a successful Internet home-business. Then, to be able to help others by sharing what I have learned and what I have earned!

I hope you will persevere to follow your dream.
Keep Looking Up!

Here is the explanation as to why I am "justEileen" :)

My first name is Claire. Eileen is my middle name.  I think Claire is a pretty name and it has a pretty meaning, BUT ... I made the decision, at a very young age, I was NEVER to be called Claire, I was just Eileen.

You see, television was just coming into homes when I was a little girl and one of the many children's shows was called The Howdy Doody Show. The main character was Howdy Doody, a marionette. Howdy had a lot of great friends (some were human, some were puppets, or marionettes) there was a pretty American Indian Princess called Princess Summerfallwinterspring, but then there was Clarabelle.

Clarabelle was a clown, but he wasn't just a clown with a big nose and extremely long feet, he couldn't talk, so used a horn to "talk." But whenever he had something to say, he would go around honking his horn -- incessantly!

Well, kids being what kids are, I was made fun of as soon as they learned my name was Claire. They would start laughing, pointing and chanting, "Clarabelle, Clarabelle!"

I've grown up to be a very (sometimes too easy) easy going person, and not always sticking up for myself in certain situations, but back then....
Although I was mighty little, I was mighty and I stood my ground firmly and told my mother and all the family that from that day, I was "just Eileen!"

So, from that time on, I allowed my mother, and that side of the family to continue the family tradition of calling me Claire Eileen (as I cringed), ..... in school, church, or other public areas, I was always, from that day on ....
"Just Eileen."
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Magieken Premium
Thank you for following me. If I can help you in any way please let me know.
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Thank you. I do appreciate your response and the offer of help! :)
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Hi Eileen, Thank you very much for your follow back and all the best here at WA!
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You are very welcome and Thank you!
HelenpDoyle Premium
Eileen, now that's a proper profile! Well written. Now for WA, it looks like you joined a fair while ago. Don't know what you have done here but if you're just getting going most people here will give a helping hand. Ask questions, keep focussed (and you sound like you can do this already) and have some fun. Keep in touch.
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Thank you so much! I joined for Free and didn't do much, but after many "Shiny Objects," joined Premium. I have been here off and on. I fell behind in the Rank for a while and I have much work to do on my websites, but I am striving to remain focused. I have 3 young grandchildren living with me, and so I make Barbie things and car washes, etc. LOL I keep more than busy!

Oh, I also just helped my hubby get our first book published on Amazon! "From Airplanes To Burnishers: The Story Of One Family's Transition From The Airline Industry To Janitorial Entrepreneurship, With Hints, Tips and Step-By-Step Instructions"

So... Whew!

HelenpDoyle Premium
Sounds like an unusual story.

I know a lady here who took barbies and converted them to feral cheryls. Don't know if these are up your alley but it shows what imagination can do.
justeileen Premium
That sounds interesting. :) Thank you for reading and writing to me!
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Thank you for following me! =) I'm looking forward to working with you!
Have a lovely day
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Thank you!
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Thank you for the connection. This site is definitely the right place! All the best, Ruslan
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