Monthly subscription a bee sting?no complaints just saying

Last Update: September 02, 2018

Made my second month subscription and it felt like a bee sting felt like I'm against the clock build website quickly earn asap. or keep on losing funds.

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AlexEvans Premium Plus
Hi Henry, how is your WA journey, all good, you will be getting into it and best wishes moving forward.

I am not sure what your path is, but thinking in terms of creating referrals to WA, one of the best, earn as you learn opportunities going online.

Two referrals = your monthly payments, covered.

Two referrals go yearly and that is your yearly membership covered.

Pretty cool and an epic way to soothe that sting.
Cbaxley1 Premium
jupiter13, slow and steady yourself. WA isn't a get rich scam. I have looked over the internet for that perfect company where I can make a career from nothing, but hard worth and learning the business. $49 bucks a month is the best value anywhere. The people here and the knowledge of the founders of this company are the best anywhere. I was once told by a wise lady on here, that you have to eat the elephant one bite at a time and slowly. If you ever need anything just ask, I will try to help you.

There are some great minded people here and if it takes a while to make money, then in the long run you can say you did it, you built a business worth millions out of $49 bucks a month. Good luck in your future, here at WA.
neilrc Premium
Well, unless you wanna invest $1,000s in an offline biz start up and take a giant risk? :P
ChrisTowers Premium Plus
This is an investment... anything worth anything costs something to set up.

Keep it going .. you will reap the benefits if you put in the effort.

Nothing in life is free

Good luck .. you can do it!

jupiter13 Premium
Giving it 210%
ChrisTowers Premium Plus
then for sure you will do it :)
jupiter13 Premium
Believe you me I'm about to unleash several monsters the world has never seen before.
Vickic3 Premium
Hi Henry- When you build a business how much do you think it should cost?
The reason I ask this is that I have owned 4 offline businesses in my life and all of them cost me well over $1000 per month, some more than this and also unexpected costs as well.
Any business you build costs money and offline or online it is no different.
It takes time, effort, money, persistence, training... and then eventually you start making money.
$49 each month is incredible especially when you get 25 websites, the best training, 24/7 SEO and all the other amazing tools included and anywhere else this would cost a whole lot of money.
I hope I helped you understand business a little more so you understand how it works