"I'm a Snippet" but I'm also confused?!?

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Jaaxy Rank Check

Today was earmarked to check my website post rankings on Jaaxy and cross-check them using the incognito feature on Google/Bing/Yahoo search engines.

To begin I generally check those post that have already ranked. The reason for this is two-fold, first to check that they are still ranking and second to check that they've not lost their ranked status.

My little heart always dips a bit when I see that red arrow facing downwards :-(

On the other hand my all time favourite image is...

Found in Position: 1 Page: 1 Position Change:--

....for obvious reasons :-)

And for anyone who is new to this community it basically means my post has been found in Position 1 on Page 1 of Google/Bing/Yahoo and that position has not changed since last checked!

So if someone searches the web using a keyword that I have used in my article my post will pop up as the first option.

SEO Description

However when I searched under my first post I discovered a rather strange anamoly.

Albeit delighted with the Page 1, Position 1 status it appears that Mr Google has not included my SEO description in the search engine result, yet Mr Bing has?!?

And upon further inspection it appears that Mr Google has my very same article showing within a "Featured Snippet" - so thanking you kindly :-) although if you happen to miss the featured snippet on your search, you've also missed the chance to read my article...!!

Howandever I am nevertheless delighted to see this post and my "Featured image" showing front and centre, as it were, below is the view from incognito.

Does anyone know why Google would not show my SEO description on this article, yet Bing does?

Is it merely linked to the fact that search engine shows the post as a featured snippet and the other search engine does not?

30 Day Report

The mysteries of understanding SEO and Jaaxy not to mention how the search engines worked intensified even more when I searched my other previously ranked posts.

It appears that over a 30-day period the rankings on another one of my articles has fluctuated with Google and Yahoo but Bing has remained steady?

I found that revelation quite odd and I simply cannot fathom why that would happen...

If there are any SEO experts out there in the WA community that could provide some insight I would be ever so grateful...just want to make sure it's not something I am doing/or not doing...

FYI purposes below is a synopsis of how featured snippets are chosen, as per Mr Google.

"Featured snippets come from web search listings. Google's automated systems determine whether a page would make a good featured snippet to highlight for a specific search request"

Hope you're all keeping safe, well and sane and that your hump day is/has been good ~Jules

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Hey Jules, nice to hear from you, my friend! As to the questions about ranking, I'm not an expert but so far I know google keeps changing the positions based on factors only google knows (such as how many people click on it, how long time do they spend reading etc., so not only good SEO and age of the site).
I've put this topic to a "mystery drawer" because no one really knows. You can only keep writing and believe.
Hope you are safe and happy!

Hi Lenka likewise and thanks for your good wishes all is well here.

Yes the mysteries of the search engines abound...I shall move on and monitor at leisure.

Best wishes to you and have a lovely weekend, Jules

It's good to hear from you.
Congrats on your rankings in G, B & Y. Keep up the great work!

I haven't checked mind in a while. Been too busy writing content for 3 websites.

Best Regards!

Hey Barbara thanks for such a nice warm welcome and for your good wishes as always!

Wow you've 3 websites now, you have been a busy lady well done and congratulations, I wish you all the best with them.

I've less time to spend on mine these days unfortunately so it's taking longer than I had anticipated to go over all the posts and apply the proper SEO to each and every one of them, not to mention updating old links etc. but I'll get there in the end!

Hope all is well with you and the family, take care, Jules

You're always welcome!
My mind is numb from all the writing and still sometimes, I think it will explode!

Be thankful that you are not me right now! Lol

Things will slow down for me soon.

Take care. Everyone is well here and hope the same is true for you.


I thought it was Google that liked to display the snippets Jules.
Must confess I don't check numbers and only use Jaaxy for keywords so far.

Yes that's correct Linda, it is Google who used the snippet in position 1, page 1, but did not use my SEO description and the very same article Bing has used my SEO description and I'm showing according to Jaaxy in position 1, page 1...all very strange...

To be honest, I've only recently started using Jaaxy to check my rankings as I am currently going through a SEO exercise with the older posts on my website, I never bothered with it before I dipped my toe into SEO :-)

Hope all is good in your world, take care, Jules

Good evening Jules,

I normally do not look where I am , Google ranking wise.
Last year I was contacted by a strange person who had found my post on Smart Diapers on Google page one as she is interested in radiation and its effects on our health.
I went to look and there I was, place 1 on page 1, really nice. I wrote this post on May 30th of 2019. After some time I became a snippet but the strange thing was the title was not the same as the title for my post. Who cares?
I stayed there, a lonesome denouncer of the danger of radiation between posts of many different manufacturers of these types of diapers. They were all praising the benefits of their inventions.
Anyhow I stayed in this position for about 9 months but now I am on page 2.
Google changes your title how they see fit, what can we do?

Greetings from the south of Spain,


That is really quite bizarre Taetske. The training tells us to use relevant keywords in the title of our posts to help us to rank on the coveted 1st page of the search engines, so how is it possible that your post's title could have been changed?

I have much to learn it seems....I hope you are keeping safe and well, take care, Jules

I have nothing for you Jules, in regard to the 'why's'. I can, however, pass on a huge congratulations. Well done, you're epic.👌😎😊

Ah thanks Twack very kind of you sir :-) I've been going through each post and trying to re-energise them and fix any broken links.

I've less time to spend on it these days unfortunately so it's taking longer than I had anticipated, but needs must!

Hope all is good with you my friend 😊

All is well and likewise for your good self also.
I don't seem to be able to get to the start line on a number 'maintenance' tasks.
I've just added Rank Math to one site, which only has eleven posts on, yet the thought of trying to go through each post is daunting.
I'm planning on getting everything in place for the beginning of July, then I'l have a proper schedule for doing all of them.
I like the idea of revisiting older posts and revamping them. Recently I copied a couple back into Site Content, rewrote and republished them (deleting all traces of the old ones of course). It's a nice reminder of how we have progressed.

I'm not great at maintenance to be honest Twack, always wanting to learn the next thing, but often you learn so much along the maintenance track that it is beneficial to undertake the pesky task.

I admire your patience to copy back to site content and rewrite, is there a specific reason for doing this rather than editing in Wordpress?

It always amazes me when I look at how far I've come since last August and the knowledge I have acquired along the way...every day is a school day!!

All good here as we meander into the weekend with a bright light of hope (& freedom) in sight :-) Jules

I agree, there is much to learn.
There's probably a better/quicker way of doing it but I like Site Content and it means I can change the title without issue. Some of my older headlines are just plain awful.
Yes, plenty of chnage happening over the next few weeks.

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