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What is wrong with my jaaxy tracking scans?

What is wrong with my jaaxy tracking scans?

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Keyword, Niche and Market Research

Hello Site Support,

Good day. I just want to make an inquiry about my jaaxy tracking scans. I have read before the there are free monthly scans included in the premium a

I think you're talking about site ranks in Jaxxy, not actual keyword searches. You only get 100 site rank scans/month.

Hello thank you for your reply. I don't know what I did but this is supposed to be send privately to site support.

And yes, I am talking about the site ranks /month, but my jaaxy doesn't have any free site ranks even if I am premium.

Yes, you get 100 per month, your keyword searches are unlimited though.

I don't have that feature. When I try to enter a keyword for site rank search of one of my articles it says I need to upgrade to be able to avail of the site rank search. I will message site support to clarify. Thanks once again

When you click on Research tab at the top takes you into Jaxxy, then you will see site ranks also. This is where you can search your articles for ranking in Google, Bing and Yahoo.

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Is it necessary to resize photos before uploading to site?

Is it necessary to resize photos before uploading to site?

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Everything Wordpress

Hello WA fam, hope all is well!

I have been resizing my photos using tinypng before uploading them to the site. Is it necessary?

I have some photos that can't be

I would say definitely. I know you get plugins to resize but from personal experience on my main client's website and the amount of space images can use I came to the conclusion it's better to resize beforehand.

My content area is about 840px. I resize my featured images to exactly 900px x 500px. Now my featured images are all the same. For any other images inside the post, I resize the width also beforehand depending on how I want to display the image. Small image or full-width image.

For full-witdth header images I resize to 2000px.

Jpeg is better than png images when it comes to size (kb/MB), but png is better if you use wording in your images. For normal photos, I recommend only using jpeg.

My limit for featured images is 90kb max. The less the better. On average my images inside posts are not more than 30kb and some are even as small as 10kb.

Try this tool. You can resize, crop and even set the quality of the image to get to your required kb size.


Thanks for the answers, interesting info.

if you are on a pc why not just use paint to resize to 640px in the x and save as jpg
for a post, unless they are being used huge, this wil lbe good enough
most of mine are in the low kb before uploading

HI, Kraken is installed by default with every WordPress installation that does image optimization for you

When you select the image, you have options to choose from.(see image)

Is pixel your site plug-in necessary?

Is pixel your site plug-in necessary?

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Social Engagement & Marketing

Hello WA fam! I hope all is well.

I just want to ask

something. I just claimed my website over pinterest following a tutorial

from one of the members here.

You do not need that plugin to view your analytics. I think you just saw some kind of ad for a product. It's not necessary to use this product to continue to use Pinterest normally. I think they have some kind of analytics for you inside Pinterest regardless, and you can also check Pinterest traffic via Google Analytics in Acquisition > Social > Network Referrals. That will show you which pages are getting traffic from Pinterest (if you have any currently)

Hi, you may view their site below


Track everything with a single WordPress plugin: Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Google Ads Remarketing, Pinterest, Bing, and ANY script.

However I do not think it is necessary, you may view your stats from within Pinterest.

As plugins slows down our site, I would save the space for something more essential.

Thank you for this reply. If i can view the stats within pinterest, then maybe this one is not necessary.

I will go on without installing this app and see if it's necessary later on.

thank you so much Abie.

Hey there, Pixel tag usually helps you to track conversions. I have never installed one for Pinterest, but maybe this post could help you get this sorted out:

Hello Ivan, thank you for the link. I will check it out.

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App for social media buttons for the site?

App for social media buttons for the site?

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Everything Wordpress

Hello WA fam!

I have a question. I am starting level 4, and

just wondering if there's a part in the previous levels that is a

tutorial on how to put social

Hi, I'd use Sassy Social free version plugin.

You can go to Plugins > Add new and search for Sassy Social.

thanks Abie.

I'm glad you got the info, Julai!


Hi- probably this training will help

thank you so much

You are welcome:). Glad that you find it useful

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