Your Website's Hidden Gem

Last Update: March 28, 2018

Some of you may already be taking advantage of it but it was just recently that I discovered a hidden gem contained in every one of our websites. What I am referring to is the Site Comments section. It is where visitors to your site leave you comments on blog post that you have written.

Beleve it or not, it is a great resource for getting ideas for new blog posts. Visitors will comment on what you have written and sometimes will want more information pertaining to the post. This opens up an opportunity to repurpose your post by writing a new one and further elaborating on it or updating the post to include the new information.

Visitors may also ask if you are aware of similiar products or services related to your post. This gives you and idea to search for related products or service similiar to what you just blogged about.Some may mention a product or service that they heard of a want to know if you are famaliar with it. You can respond by saying that you will research it and write a blog about it.


Cooments from your visitors can be very useful for creating new content. Here are some comments that I have received and how I utilized them to create new blog posts.

Comment #1

Hi! I am amazed! Never thought an article about brushing teeth could be so interesting. But, since I got small kids and know that they are cheating sometimes, this toothbrush could be a solution to that! But, is it just for kids? What about us old guys at 45 years of age! I want one for my self

CS - A new smart toothbrush for adults and children

Comment #2

This is fantastic!

My dad is retired now, and he’s been asking me about the internet and trying to see if there is some opportunity for him to open a business. I’ll show him this and maybe this will give him some ideas!

He already is an Uber driver, but he gets bored easily.

Nice article!

Make money with Uber and Lyft

Comment #3

hey jerome,

What a nice product! , i never know that there is such things like this.. what a great choice for entertainment gear

is it safe for our brain and eyes? as somehow i think there’s some signal or reception that can affect when we wear it that close to our head.

What are Smart Glasses and are the safe to wear?

Comment #4

Nice post Jerome. I have a long way to go before I retire, but it was a very informative post to read. Traveling would be an awesome way to spend retirement. That’s the dream. You made pointed out ways to make money that I didn’t think of. Say if I wanted to be a freelancer how do I go about establishing myself? Is it like affiliate marketing, but selling your brand of photos? Thanks!


How to make money as a Freelancer.


These are just a few examples of how I utilized my websites hidden gems. If you aren't a;ready using them you may want to consider trying it out. It may come in handy when you get to a point when you struggling for new ideas to write about.


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MarkBa Premium
Totally Jerome! Comments provide us with a wealth of information about what's important to our audience as well as the problems and questions they're having. It's exactly this that we should be writing about. A perfect source of future blog posts as you say.

~Mark :)
Joy3 Premium
Wow. Thank you for this. I am going to browse my comments this very day because I am always looking for ideas for new content. Best wishes !!
MMoncur Premium
That's so true. I created a post earlier this week and someone asked me a question that led to such a long response on my part, that I could have turned it into another post. Now I'll know what to do in the future! Thanks for sharing!
MojalefaR Premium
Thanks, Jerome. That’s certainly something to think about to generate posts in the future. I sometimes struggle with generation ideas.

Thanks, again.
Pernilla Premium
What an interesting post, thank you Jerome.
Visitors comments are valuable in so many ways.

Comments have given me good ideas. Now I will give it even more attention. We actually do this work to help people, and must listen to what our visitors ask for.

Going to search for my gems ;-)

jtaienao Premium
Hi Pernilla,
Thanks for your comment. Our purpose is to help visitors to our site so creating content based on their input would be helpful for sure. I’m glad to hear that you also use them to come up with possible blog posts.