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Some of you are probably wondering why we get updates to WordPress so often. It actually is a good thing for users of the platform but why so many updates. Well, there are many reasons why it is necessary. As online entrepreneurs, our business websites are our most valuable asset. These updates protect our websites and keep us abreast of any updates and changes. Here are some things that these updates provide: NEW AND UPDATED FEATURESWith every new release, Wordpress will provide information o
March 28, 2018
Some of you may already be taking advantage of it but it was just recently that I discovered a hidden gem contained in every one of our websites. What I am referring to is the Site Comments section. It is where visitors to your site leave you comments on blog post that you have written.Beleve it or not, it is a great resource for getting ideas for new blog posts. Visitors will comment on what you have written and sometimes will want more information pertaining to the post. This opens up an oppo
About a week and a half ago I stopped receiving WA e-mail notifications. This was strange as I didn’t initiate a stop action. I then checked my settings on my profile page to see if the option to receive notifications was still checked and it was. I then unchecked it, rechecked it, logged out of WA and logged back in. Checked my e-mail and still no notifications. NEXT STEP: Typed in question pertaining to this issue in the WA search box. Noticed that this has happened to several members
March 10, 2018
Convince yourself that whatever it is you are offering, whether it be a product or service is going to be helpful to others. Inspire yourself daily. Realize that failures are expected but believe that you can learn from them.Many successful people failed many times before they finally achieved their goals. Never quit. Quitting should never be an option for you.I share with you all a video produced by Fearless Motivation entitled "Believe". The message touched me deeply and I'm sure it will you
We are all here to accomplish our long-term goal of achieving our future financial freedom. Eventually, we will all get there but as we all know, it takes time and a lot of dedicated effort. The important thing is to focus on our efforts in the present time. This will make things seem less complicated and will give us a clearer vision of our long term goal.To our success,Jerome
It is important to capitalize on trending products before they reach their sales peak. The best practice is to enter the market before it becomes fully saturated. Here are a few products that are projected to skyrocket in sales in 2017. Perhaps one of these can be a fit for your niche marketing website.ORGANIC HEALTH AND BEAUTY PRODUCTSMatcha PowderGluten free productsNootropics - smart drugs/cognitive enhancersFace mistsCoconut oil based productsDetox teaMen beard oilFacial mask - containing a
A good reminder for us as we continue to build our business ventures. What we are building will last if we work hard at it. It just won't come easy. Have a great weekend.Jerome
May 31, 2017
Believe in yourself. When the going gets tough, "believe you can". If you convince yourself of this, everything becomes possible. Stay true to yourself and believe that what you are doing today will make a better tomorrow for you. Always remember "believe you can"
May 28, 2017
Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for those that have made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure our safety and freedom.Please take some time to honor the thousands of brave men and women who had given up their lives for us. They were all ordinary people like you and me that answered the call to duty during extremely difficult times. Continue to recognize this day as a day of honor so that their ultimate sacrifices are never forgotten.P.S. Also a special thank you to the many brave men and women
As online Affiliate Marketer's, we are constantly in search of resources that can make us more productive. The task of blogging can be daunting. Updating our blog posts, sending out emails, and posting to social media are just a few of the tasks that we have to accomplish on a daily basis. Here are a few resources that can make your daily task's a little easier to manage.MARKETING PLANNING CALENDAR WITH BUDGET TRACKEREMAIL MARKETING CALENDARMARKETING PLANNING CALENDARBLOGGING EDITORIAL CALENDAR