What Are Your Biggest Struggles or Challenges?

Last Update: September 21, 2015

Hello to the WA community!

What's up guys.

So I was thinking about something earlier...

I was wondering if there are people that are going through the same things as I am.

So I want to ask you:

What are your biggest struggles or challenges? With your site/blog I mean...

Mine are:

  • keeping up with my blog posting schedule;
  • building blogging relationships with influencers;
  • and coming up with targeted content ideas.
So what are yours?

It doesn't matter if it's just one or two.

Maybe I, or other WA members, have resources or solutions to solve your problem(s).

Leave a comment below.

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SheilaN3 Premium
I also have a hard time keeping up with posting content on a regular basis. I find it hard to sit down and be still long enough to get it written in one sitting sonic ends up taking me a week. : /
kinman83 Premium
I am a newbie have yet to experince all those things. Right now I am going through the courses provided by WA.
Judy-B Premium
I struggle with keeping up with the blogs to write. If they are good enough, does anybody care, etc. Should I use this plug in or that...I don't know, the tech stuff gets me down. Well I guess this is enough ha ha :)
olivingstone Premium
I struggle with the same as you but I also can't keep on top of my to do list. I struggle to keep my inbox clear. I struggle to make time for the live video training that I so want to do. I have never managed one. I struggle to offer advice on how to help you because I myself am struggling. Bet you are sorry you asked :)
Mark Tait Premium
Hi Julian - great question - and that's what communities like this are for.

My biggest struggle is juggling family life (very full-on, lots of trips as the "taxi driver" etc etc) with a full-time 9-5, and being disciplined enough to keep to a blogging schedule.

I find mind-maps (I used the free version of xmind) great to brainstorm ideas.

I use KanBanFlow to keep track of projects (there are a lot of similar types of to-do list apps).

I use Google Docs/Sheets to doodle, and keep lists of resources.

Loes (https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/loes) has a fantastic resource on her website linking to all sorts of brilliant tools to help in all aspects of what we do (content creation, graphic creation, blog post title ideas, keyword tools etc etc) - you can find it here: http://workathomefuture.com/cool-amazing-free-website-tools

Of course the other thing that makes your question great imho is, you're asking people what their problems are. And from that, you can build a resource to provide them with answers to their problems. That's exactly how I see Loes' page on her site.

...and that's exactly what marketing is all about - connecting people with solutions to their problems.

I hope you get a lot of people posting replies here - as it could help you connect and provide valuable help to them, and many others.

So, how do I solve having to be a taxi driver for 3 kids and all the after school activities they have? Solve that and I'll pay a premium for the answer :)

All the best, Mark
olivingstone Premium
Mark when you make it big, you can pay for a chauffeur for your children! When I first went to Belgium, that's what I did. I chauffeured two children to their actives etc. It was a great job :)
Mark Tait Premium
Haha - ok, now connect me with the solution to the problem of making it big - then you'll have something you can sell and make money from - problem solved for all :)

Seriously though - sounds like a great job - I love driving, and I love kids - could start a local bus run to the school and see where it goes from there... See Julian, your question may have already planted a seed that wasn't there before!!

Cheers Olive :)

olivingstone Premium
Well over here they do a lot of "walking buses", that will only work if the activities are not too far from your house. The clubs/schools organise this to help parents out. Another solution would be to not let them do any activities until they are old enough to drive themselves!
JSakanee Premium
Wow. I can't even imagine. You probably only work like 2 to maybe 4 hours a day on your site, huh?

I guess we'll have to figure out how you can get work done in the little time you have everyday.

Have you tried working in little shifts?

Like a 20-30 minutes here, another 20 minutes there type of thing...

Or even getting up extra early to get an hour or two on your blog. But if you do that there's a chance at running out of gas by supper time. Which could mean no work in the evenings.

Mark Tait Premium
I started selling an online program I wrote maybe 13/14 years ago - I worked hard, I worked every night into the night - but it meant my better half didn't have to worry about someone else bringing up our boys - that was a lifestyle choice we made - but the hours were/are long - but the rewards (both personal and financial) are worth it, if you know why you do what you do.

Building an online business is not easy - there are no get rich quick schemes (as K&C&many; others repeat here time after time). But get in the right frame of mind, and understand what the end-goal is, and I truly think your subconscious mind will help you spot opportunities to find a way there. It's not easy, but I do believe it's worth it.

All the best, Mark