Unsolicited Domain Registration Emails

Last Update: November 19, 2016

In the past six months I have been receiving emails from companies who present themselves as domain registrars and they are offering to renew my domain registration. I have about two dozen domains and I have been receiving these on a regular basis. In many cases the domains are not expiring for several months. In the case of one that I received this morning it was for a domain that I no longer owned and had cancelled over six months ago.

I did a little research on the company - "Domain Registration Service SEO Company" and found that it's domain name, "servicesregseo.org" had just been created on November 8, 2016, about two weeks ago. It also had an expiration date of November 8, 2017. The registrar is Chengdu West Dimension Digital Technology Co., Ltd.(which appears to be a valid registrar) and the registrant is from Zhu Hai Shi, China. There is no identifying information on their website so you would have to dig into whosis and do some other research.

They did list a price list on their website (which indicates "We Offer Competitive Pricing") which starts at $66.00 for one year registration and $118.00 for two year registration. That is quite excessive when compared to known companies here in the U.S. such as HostGator, Godaddy, Zoothost, Namecheap and others who charge any where from $9.00 to $15.00 a year.

I am not saying that this firm is a scam although I have seen other such reports when doing a search on Google but it may be questionable. I was not about to click through the link they included in the email to order the registration since I was not sure what was on the other side of that link.

I just wanted to alert everyone that this happening. It is unsolicited email and may be highly risky. I did some other scam articles on similar type solicitations on my blog recently, so be aware.


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GayleneNepia Premium
I have several domains with several providers so thanks for the warning Joe.
drjec Premium
Thanks for the warning.
WilliamBH Premium
Thanks Joe .. I suspect that Bob below is correct .. a scam. Cheers, William.
BobBarr Premium
Just delete them -- they're scams.
GlenPalo Premium
They are not scams. It is like calling Neiman Marcus a scam because their clothes cost 10 times what you would pay at Walmart.
BobBarr Premium
I consider them to be scams because of the false statements that they make trying to scare you into using their services.
theresroth Premium
Thank you for this information and the warning, Joe!