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Many years ago when I first started publishing a full sized tabloid newspaper called "Jeanne's Mail Order Clipboard", I sent it out to 3,000 every two months. I remember some of the tasks that I had to do to get it out to subscribers that were so time consuming. It was a full size newspaper and had normally eight to ten pages. If you have ever purchased a daily newspaper, that is the size we are talking about.The first major task was to layout each page with ads and articles. These were laid ou
November 25, 2016
I did it. I just couldn't sit a here and see that great Black Friday discount go to waste. It really is a fantastic deal for only $0.82 a day to run a business. I have been working online for over 20 years and I have spent a lot more than that to keep my businesses afloat.I am good now until May 2018 so I don't have to worry about a monthly or yearly payment now and I can just concentrate on keeping the site in high ranking, making sales and helping others in the WA community.If you are sitting
In the past six months I have been receiving emails from companies who present themselves as domain registrars and they are offering to renew my domain registration. I have about two dozen domains and I have been receiving these on a regular basis. In many cases the domains are not expiring for several months. In the case of one that I received this morning it was for a domain that I no longer owned and had cancelled over six months ago.I did a little research on the company - "Domain Registrat
November 11, 2016
A Big Thank You To Our Veterans!!!
I have seen a lot of discussion regarding the use of PLR (Public Label Rights) articles and ebooks for content on your blog. Now I know that doing that would make everyones job easier since it takes a lot of writing to keep the content on your site fresh.I have seen thousands of PLR packages being promoted over the years. They are usually for sale an very inexpensive prices. Once you have them, they give you the rights to basically do what you want with them. The ideal use would be to copy and
Hi Everyone, feeling great today. Signed up just over two months ago here at WA and things are moving right along. My main site here at WA is completed except for publishing new posts on a regular basis.I noticed this morning that my site is number 6 on the first page of google out of 139 million sites for the keyword creating income at home and it is also number one on both Bing and Yahoo for the same keyword. I have been tweeting regularly on Twitter ( #HomeBizLink ) and my followers are up
Finally got back to work on my site at My domain email was not working and my comments sections on my site were not working. But support took a look at them and everything was back to normal this morning. So I got a chance to put up another post and get in going again. Thank you support, appreciate the fast response and results. Great Job!Joe
June 30, 2016
Well I checked today for my site rank on Google for The last time I checked, about 10 days ago it was #87 on page 9. I was wishing for a continued rise and today it was in position 75 on page 8, so it has moved up 12 positions. Still heading in the right direction OOOOOOOOK! Can't complain about that! Got to sit down and write some more this weekend even though it is the 4th of July. Hope everyone has a great weekend.Joe
Wow! I just finished one of Kyle's lessons in Bootcamp and just for the heck of it I went to Jaaxy and checked my site ranking. I started in WA just over three weeks ago and started building my website within a couple of days. Right now it has seven pages and 4 posts with another post going up tomorrow. I figured when I checked the site ranking that I would be maybe 2025 on the list or maybe not find it at all.Well, I did the site ranking on my main keyword which is my URL and guess
When I am getting ready to set up messages in my autoresponder, I create an outline of the topics I am going to cover. I could be setting up a training course or follow up emails on a business such as Wealthy Affiliate. So I want to be somewhat organized.The great thing about using autoresponders in online marketing, is that I can pre-set all my messages to go out on a certain schedule, i.e. every two days, once a week, whatever I set them for. It is like having my own virtual assistant to foll