"Don't Judge Me!"

Last Update: May 10, 2018

I recently came across a post about how to “leave” a WealthyAffiliate Premium membership. In the comments to the post (there were about 16 at the time), almost everyone agreed that there were no good reasons to do so. Although my viewpoint on this may differ from most of the comments there, in the end, I must be true to myself.

There may be others who also hold this view; in all honesty,I did myself, at one time. However, I believe that is not a proper viewpoint to hold and offer my own story as proof:

After I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I quickly learned what a tremendous community it was, and I seriously could not understand or appreciate why anyone would ever quit.

I upgraded to Premium in short order and even went Yearly because I was serious about learning how to become an internet marketer and wanted to make a full-time income from my endeavors.

That was in 2015.

However, after only a few short months, I became hospitalized because of illness and began a long stretch of medical complications. I became disabled, lost my job, and had to leave WA.

My condition improved enough for me to come back in Decemberof 2016. Of course, I had to start all over again. But, I had a relapse just a few months later. This time, however, I decided to keep up my monthly fee tokeep my account intact. I spent the remainder of 2017 in and out of the hospital and unable to do much on my business.

But, by now, I could clearly see the benefit of WA and was finally able to get back into it in December of 2017. However, my decision to quit in 2015 was based on an inability to properly work the business, which everyone would agree, is a legitimate reason to quit.

Bottom line is this: There are legitimate reasons why someone might need to "pause" their WA activities or even quit altogether. I did not fully understand that until I was in a circumstance that caused me to quit...FOR A WHILE!

Our individual circumstance might be such that the thought of quitting may never be something we have to seriously consider. For others, it may not be that simple.

I suppose my REAL bottom line is this: Let’s not be so quick to assume we know another person’s circumstance or motive for a particular action. Quite often, we can only see what amounts to the tip of that person’s iceberg.

That is all!

I’m interested to know your thoughts on this. Agree? Disagree? I want to hear it all.

Continued success,


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Memorylaneuk Premium
Everyone has their own particular circumstances and no one has the right to judge anyone in any way. We may offer an opinion if asked but to judge should never be an option. None of us know how we will react in any circumstance until it actually happens. We may think we would react in a certain way but we don’t really know.
However I’m pleased you are in better health and back in WA.
I wish you every success.
With Grace and Gratitude
internetpay Premium
Yes I agree, great opportunities come once and a great while, but as great as the opportunity maybe, it just might not fit into your life schedule, meaning doesnt fit with what you got going on with yourself in your life at the time. We should never judge other people. What goes around comes around.

Wish you the best in whatever you decide to do.
GailLowe Premium Plus
Hi Joshua. My philosophy of life is to try not to judge anything in a negative way. Now I'm not saying I can always do this, especially when my daughter is having a screaming fit, but at least it is something I aspire to.
I totally agree that we cannot know another person's circumstances - most of the time, we have trouble understanding our own so to judge someone else's decision, based on our own perspective is a little self-centred at best.
There are also many situations in which people have seemingly withdrawn from a situation, person or circumstance only to regroup and come back fighting. That's what is so good about WA. You can do that easily and pick up where you left off - how amazing is that?
All the best with your journey this time around and thanks for your insights. Gail
AffFranE82 Premium

Yes I agree there are legitimate reasons to want to quit WA and it is not up to us to judge. I myself been here since May 2015 and have never quit my business because I know I would never return. We each are here for a reason and only us know if WA is worth it enough. I hope we all succeed here!

1signbanner Premium
Joshua, I so agree with you. Hey, circumstances due to illness happen to the best of us. I certainly would do the same. What good is WA if you are sick, etc. Your health is front and center in your life.

Everything takes a back seat!

Take care and wish you all the best my friend!