Losing Faith After 8 Months Of Being Here!

Last Update: June 21, 2018

I have to admit that I am one of those people who's overexpectations have gotten to them this year. I thought that I would making a workers salary after 6 months if I worked really hard and posted everyday but I guess it takes more time. After 8 months of being here on WA, posting a lot of reviews, best of posts and having up to 150 blog posts on my website, I am only making $15 bucks a month from Amazon Affiliate at best.

It is true that it hasn't reached its full potential yet and that there are still two more months before it reaches 100% site trust so I guess I just let google do its thing. Who knows maybe the traffic will explode next month which I am hoping for.

If anyone has any similar experiences of not making money till after the month mark, please let me know. I have to admit that I am losing a bit of faith at the minute and could do with some encouragement!

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YourBizTips Premium
Hi Josh,

I have been following and reading the stories of those who shared their success here on Wealthy Affiliate and almost all of them have been a Premium member for more than a year, most often 2 or 3 and more years. Of course, there are a few exceptions with people earning a full time income within the first year.

I have been earning online since 2001, so I know that there is no such thing as making money (honestly) online overnight. I made a lot of money off the Internet and still make on some programs. A year ago, I have decided to join Wealthy Affiliate to see if I can replace all my other income sources and keep running with WA alone, which I am convinced that it is possible. But I know that it will take me at least a couple of years.

I have just completed my first year (I took yearly membership to save on the cost) and I consider this first year as my learning year. Then my second, third and so on years will be my earning years.

Where could you learn a new profession (medical, legal, engineering ...) and make a living within your first eight months of training Josh?

My advice, DON'T GIVE UP, or you will never know what was reserved to you next month, or even next week.

Read success stories to give you courage (I often do), and if you are interested in knowing how I would have lost over $35,000 if I had given up on one of the programs I was working on, here is my story: So, stick to it Josh, you don't want to waste all the hard work you have already put in so far, do you?

JoshEllery Premium
Thanks for your encouraging paragraph John. It can be hard when you look at your commissions each month and see practically nothing but I will keep this going to the end.

Although I will keep going anyway, my main source of encouragement at the minute is that my website hasn't reached full site trust and there is still time for things to grow and expand. My monthly users are also going up each month quite significantly.

I won't give up :)
YourBizTips Premium
You are on your way Josh, everything seems to go in the right direction.
David58 Premium Plus
I agree with Steve. Now that you know how to it you just need to find something that you can write about and makes you money. If you can go into the download or service area the commissions are higher. Here is a video on how How I Research a New Niche that might help.
connie4 Premium
Hi, Josh, I understand how you feel. Amazon commissions are very low I also sell Amazon products and you don't make any money when comparing to what you spend on ads campaigns it's not really worth it in my opinion unless you become a seller on Amazon site and then there is a difference and that's what I'm about to give a try. Sadly, I have spent more then I have made and I've been doing it over a year. However, don't lose faith you just have to find what works for you and then success will follow!

Best wishes,
HarveyBrown Premium
Hello Josh, starting any business does take time, and hard work. The main ingredients, however, patience and perseverance are seldomly mentioned. The average business can take anywhere from six months to five years to see any real return on the initial investment. Keep posting quality posts and remember as you create them that you are helping people make an informed decision.
JoshEllery Premium
Thankyou for your realistic advice Harvey. That seems about right
AJunTan Premium
I joined 8 months until now, haven't get any bucks yet LOL! What you have to do is keep going, don't give up at this time! 8 months could be just a short time for a very successful online business.

A very successful online business could take more than 2 years to start seeing results come in! Have faith in it and trust me. :)
JoshEllery Premium
For sure Ajun, thankyou for your encouragement