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Out of all of the many businesses and platforms I have come across on the internet, this is only one which seems completely legit, honest and real. Kyle and Carson, you guys have done a great job with WA because it is a complete gamechanger and it has restored faith in the internet for tonnes of people.Within a year, i learnt and built a website in my passion which is now making around $80 a month and growing slowly but surely every month. I have learnt and know all the tools for my website to
I have to admit that I am one of those people who's overexpectations have gotten to them this year. I thought that I would making a workers salary after 6 months if I worked really hard and posted everyday but I guess it takes more time. After 8 months of being here on WA, posting a lot of reviews, best of posts and having up to 150 blog posts on my website, I am only making $15 bucks a month from Amazon Affiliate at best. It is true that it hasn't reached its full potential yet and that there
So, I am a week into the 6th months of being here and instantly, I've noticed Amazon Affiliate Commissions are beginning to come in. After recieving my first sale after 3 months and going through a dry patch for a while, I was wondering if things really were going to work but the WA community have removed my doubts once again.Thankyou for reassuring me that these things take time and it was really surprising for me to randomly see that Amazon sales are coming in as soon as the 6th month mark ha
Hello there great people of WA, my intention when making this blog post is not to show off, but instead, thank all of you for helping me get to 1,000 followers on google plus. I literally think that every single one of those numbers is from everyone in WA meaning that in this moment in time, I probably wouldn't have any if it wasn't for you guys.Thankyou for all of the people that enjoy my content, share it and like it, I try to return them as much as possible. I guess now it is time to get for
February 27, 2018
Just wanted to make a quick post stating my appreciation for the sitecomments platform and all of the people who have bothered to read and comment on my articles. I have to thank all of you guys for helping me reach 1000 website comments on all of my posts. I have noticed that although my site is at 50% trust and hasn't been fully recognized by google just yet (probably in a month or two). I am ranking above quite a lot of website which I deemed to be major competitors for the keywords I chose.
February 07, 2018
Since joining WA a little over 4 months ago, I've had an awesome time here as I say on a regular basis. All of the help that is accessible within the touch of a hat. Something I am grateful for is the fact that posts never seem to end so the fear of a drought never seems to come. I am happy that today is officially my 100th post I have put on my website within the 4 months of starting. Although I haven't seen much traffic at all. I know my content is of high quality and most importantly, it wil
Since being a member of wealthy affiliate for only 4 months, I've learned a LOT of things which are simple but so important. So here are some of the most important things I've learned....1.If you have any question on earth regarding your business or affiliate marketing, someone on here will be able to answer it. Sometimes, it can take quite a bit of time looking to find the exact answer to the question, but it will get answered so never feel lost about your business, you are being taken care of
December 31, 2017
I'm honestly not sure how this happened at all because I am receiving an average of 4 vistors a day according to analytics, but today I received my first sale of $23.60. This is an amazing time for me and I honestly don't know how its possible. Thankyou for teaching me everything wealthy affiliate and this is proof that you can make a sale without hardly any traffic at all. I have literally 4 visitors on average a day. <3
December 05, 2017
I didn't truly know the efficiency of the site feedback platform until I actually used it to get some perspectives on some of my reviews and let me tell you. The kind of feedback you can get on some of your reviews is really powerful and it made me realise that everything you can get on this wealthy affiliate system for the price makes it worth the price 5 times over.If you are expecting to generate revenue and you aren't getting other eyes on your reviews to check out how helpful they are to g
October 27, 2017
I just literally looked at my google analytics page and to my surprise. I discovered that I have had 20 website users today. This may not sound big to some people but this has been a huge shock to me as it equals more visitors than what I have had all week. For me, this marks a cool milestone for my first month at wealthy affiliate and has inspired me. The more people I can reach with my information the better and I am happy that people are visiting my page. Thankyou wealthy affiliate and to th