Wow, Just moved up 300 places in a day

Last Update: January 03, 2020

Hi there everyone.

We have been in WA for about 18 months and just a few months ago we were in the Top 100 on here.

Then the direction of our business changed and we did not have the time to put in to blogging here, spending time etc so we slipped down and down.

Now, whilst we understand that your ranking here on WA means nothing in the world of online marketing, it is a human instinct to want to have a high ranking. It is just something built into us as humans!

Wouldn't you agree?

So, one of our goals for this year was to dip into WA a bit more, take time to catch up on all the amazing training, blog a little and help others as well.

We had slipped to 946 in the rankings!

But, by blogging yesterday with what appears to have been some very helpful info -

we have risen up over 300 places in 1 day! Amazing.

We have missed our time on WA and the many wonderful people here. We look forward to spending a bit more time on here going forward. Here's to getting back into the Top 100 again!!!

Jon and Debbie

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dkohsh88 Premium
Good to see you back in action again, Jon and Debbie.

Yes, i agree. Going for higher ranking is beneficial. It is good to associate with other Wealthy Affiliate members. Offering encouragement and succeed together.

There was a social experiment which i had came across before. To experience the power of human network. By going out to locate a person, approaching strangers. And ask them a question each for a step closer to reach that person. The result is that it take 6 person or more to find someone that know the person.

Hope that both of you will be back to be in the " Top 100 " again.

Best wishes,

David Koh
DouglasPlumb Premium
So cool to be able to get back here and spend some time with the family here. Wishing you all the best on your way to the top 100
JeffreyBrown Premium
Congrats--glad to have you both back in the blogs!

JonLake Premium
Cheers Jeff
JeffreyBrown Premium
NeilBrown Premium
JonLake Premium
Cheers Neil
drjec Premium
Cool. That jump means you're contributing in a lot of ways. Keep moving forward.