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Hi there everyone.We have been in WA for about 18 months and just a few months ago we were in the Top 100 on here.Then the direction of our business changed and we did not have the time to put in to blogging here, spending time etc so we slipped down and down.Now, whilst we understand that your ranking here on WA means nothing in the world of online marketing, it is a human instinct to want to have a high ranking. It is just something built into us as humans! Wouldn't you agree?So, one of our g
January 02, 2020
Hi AllHope you have had a wonderful holiday season and a celebratory New Year.Now, it is time to get back on the horse, so to speak, and get your businesses rocking!(Although we are not properly back at our desks until Monday 6th!)I saw a very interesting post on Facebook the other day about using the 2020 date on forms.Basically it is vitally important that when filling in forms with dates, ALWAYS put 2020 not just 20 (e.g 02/01/20).This is because it is the only year this millenium when untru
December 20, 2019
Well, today (20th December) is our last day at the desk before Christmas, so we wanted to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas.We haven't been around on WA for a few months as we have been busy on other projects. However, we will be back in 2020 and will be spending a bit more time in the community.We didn't even have to think about renewing in November as the training, hosting and community at WA are second to none. Everyone here has the ability to be successful online.Have a wonderful Christma
Now when it comes to a default browser, up until a week or so ago, I would have always chosen Google Chrome.But just recently I have started to notice instances where Chrome has stopped showing webpages for some reason.Here is an example:This is what I see on Chrome - And here is what I see on Firefox - I also recently created a flip html magazine style download as a giveaway. It worked without a problem on Chrome until last week, now it will not load properly!I have also had other instances of
September 05, 2019
Afternoon everyone.I have seen a few questions and blog posts about the Google Search Console recently. Then today, I came across this really useful guide in my email inbox. can be a bit of a minefield for new marketers so hopefully this article/guide may help.EnjoyJon and Debbie
As the majority of websites are built on Wordpress, there are often certain plugins that become an easy target for hackers.This can be down to the plugin not being updated for a long time due to the creator moving on to other projects. It can simply be down to poor coding.So, when I came across this list of the most common plugins with vulnerability issues, I thought I would let you all know.If this helps just 1 person, then it was worth posting.Have a great day
Have you heard the news? Facebook are at it again!As of January 2020 it appears that using Facebook Messenger as a free lead generation tool will cease. Currently you can build a list of subscribers inside Messenger which is easier than with an opt in page because the visitor doesn't need to enter their details, just click a button.You can then send messages as broadcasts (much the same as with an autoresponder) to keep them interested and give them a mix of good info, educational stuff mixed w
It seems that out of nowhere, and we haven't seen it written about very much, Twitter have decided to update their look. It seems that about July 15th they changed over to the new look on Desktops.Our first impression?Hate it!Why do the tabs down the left hand side need to be so big?The main reason for being there, the feed in the middle, now seems to be the smallest part!The cover image is also now less prominent and any text on it is harder to read. This means that calls to action on them wil
Wow! Where did that last year go?!It is true what they say - Time flies when you are having fun.We have learned so much over the last 12 months. Now we have been running an online business since August 2008 but we have found so much from this awesome community.We have learned to write quality blog posts over 1000 words longWe have found a huge level of confidence, never before experiencedWe have met some amazing people that we keep in touch with on a regular basisWe have learned so much great k
June 03, 2019
Today is the anniversary of Muhammad Ali's death. He died on this day in 2016 from Septic shock caused by respiratory illness at the age of 74.Even if you are not a boxing fan (which we are not!), you will know that he was know by many as the Greatest boxer to have ever lived. Born Cassius Clay in Kentucky we changed to Islam and therefore changed his name when he was 22.Now, he wasn't just known for his boxing feats he was also known for some incredible quotes which have become legendary.Thoug