I actually sold something!

Last Update: August 02, 2018

I am ridiculously excited, I know it's lame but I am beside myself with excitement! To cut a long story short, I have been obsessing a bity about painting rocks, I do that - I'm Autistic, so get obsessed with different topics! Instead of not working and just painting I decided to combine the two and wrote a couple of articles for my blog about Painting Rocks and the supplies needed for it.

I shared it on Social media and checked Amazon this morning, someone has bought a pack of pens!!! It's about 50p or something but I can't quite believe someone I didn't know came on to my site, clicked and purchased something that I recomended! It's so simple and I'm very very happy!

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So awsome!!

There are FB communities for painting rocks, something you might be able to blog about as well. I know our small town has their own FB group and kids and adults alike paint rocks and hide them for others to find and later hide again. It's so much fun!
Vickic3 Premium
Jojo- How wonderful and it doesn't sound lame at all
You are on your way - You go, girl :)
Tasha7 Premium
congrats! Im super pumped for you! what a great way to start your day!!
GailLowe Premium
Great oaks from little acorns grow! :) Well done. Gail
Nikkisseo Premium
Wow, that is super cool. I would be super excited if I were you too! Just goes to show what passion, a good idea, & blog will do. Congratulations Jojojojojo! I'm going to check your site out sounds interesting.
SnowyGT Premium
Congratulations on your first sale. This is a massive milestone and you can only go up from here!
AlexEvans Premium
Awesome Jo, I think that you summed it up:

Someone I didn't know came on to my site, clicked and purchased something that I recommended! It's so simple and I'm very very happy!

That first sale will stay with you and best wishes for many more.
JKulk1 Premium
That first sale just has to be exciting . Can't wait for mine. Jim
kisumu Premium
Congratulations, there will be so much more to come :) All the best to you!! <3
Bald Eagle Premium
Love it - well done