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October 08, 2019
I havent been on WA for nearly a year now, I was introduced to it by my best friend, Tony - who forgot to mention he would get commision if I signed up!! This was a source of jokes, ridicule and lots of teeth sucking whenever he got upset with me - especially as I signed up with someone who was a bit of a rival in the WA world! Anyway, we worked together developing websites, training people, doing consultations, making videos, skiving off and going out for lunch or shopping for about a year - w
August 02, 2018
I am ridiculously excited, I know it's lame but I am beside myself with excitement! To cut a long story short, I have been obsessing a bity about painting rocks, I do that - I'm Autistic, so get obsessed with different topics! Instead of not working and just painting I decided to combine the two and wrote a couple of articles for my blog about Painting Rocks and the supplies needed for it.I shared it on Social media and checked Amazon this morning, someone has bought a pack of pens!!! It's abou
June 12, 2018
So, I started here at WA about 6 months ago and I have loved every minute of it - but it's safe to say I've been "playing" at it. I'm learning so many skills and techniques I never knew about and I can quite confidently say I can make a website now! lolHowever, I have serious changes in my financial situation from August onwards and I really need to step up my game and try and actually make a proper go of this! My husband is going to get involved too and hopefully, we'll be able to make a diffe
November 11, 2017
Hi Everyone,So I'm just finishing Course 2, lesson 10 and writing about what I've achieved and what I've found difficult in my Wealthy Affiliate journey so far.I guess I'm slightly different to many people on here as I'm just enjoying learning new skills and adding another string to my bow so to speak - I'm not really in this for the money - although of course, a little would be nice eventually.I have been on a massive learning curve since starting with WA and have learnt way too many things to