How to Build Your Online Businesses - Success Tips and June 2022 deal

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I’ve been online for almost 5 years now and wanted to share some key mindset and strategies for long term success. Plus Kyle's June deal

TRAINING TOOLS & COMMUNITY (& the June 2022 Deal)


Job vs Online Business

Commitment, Mindset and Expectations

It takes a commitment to build an online business, a traditional brick and mortar business or even to master any profession. So right out of the gate, please know this and manage your expectations. Those that commit are those that succeed at a higher rate.

Most people will work 40 years in a job to get a few raises, when in reality if they invested a few years in themselves and an online business they would have something scalable on their hands.

Eric explains it well here: How Long Does It Take to Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate?
Another thing is the cost to even GET the job, cost of University Education is skyrocketing with the high inflation we face.

Yes, building your online business involves following your passion, creating consistent quality content that helps people. Taking consistent action and ideally massive action. I find it a buzz to really help people and get paid at the same time while following your passion. I’ve never found a job that gives me or you that. You can get that here.

Online business vs traditional business (‘bricks and mortar’)

Both take time to build. The huge advantage an online business has over the traditional/bricks and mortar business is the latter usually has high upfront costs to get started and ongoing (e.g. rents). Here at Wealthy Affiliate, you have very little overhead (tiny in comparison), but your upside potential is high.


As mentioned above. ENJOY THE JOURNEY - FOLLOW YOUR PASSION and HELP PEOPLE, you do this by creating consistent quality content that helps people.


You also need the best training, tools, support and community. It can be tough at times to know what to do, how to create content that can get on the top of Google and the search engines and keep pushing along.

After being a member since Jan 2018 and reviewing 100s of other online training, opportunities etc. Hands down Wealthy Affiliate has it all. All you need to do is apply what you learn here and take massive action.

As Eric mentions in answering "How Long Does It Take to Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate?" with “it depends”. He then elaborated in detail as there are many factors. Better question to ask is ”How long before I start getting consistent traffic?"

To achieve your goals and dreams you need:

  • good techniques (SEO and writing quality content that helps people, all learned from Wealthy Affiliate)
  • The right training - again it is all here
  • Tools - you get Jaaxy here which is awesome, it is how Eric, myself and many others can consistently find keywords/topics and get to the top of search engines
  • Consistent quality content from your consistent efforts.

YOUR TRAFFIC -It starts as a trickle, then it's like a stream, then a flowing river. This is your traffic and with your consistent traffic comes real revenue

Again, Wealthy Affiliate gives you all the training, support, tools and community to create your quality content, get it ranked high on search engines, help people, increase your traffic and to really flow your income like a river.

There is a Flash Sale at Wealthy Affiliate!

For just 3 days: June 6th, 2022, NOON (Monday) - June 9th, 2022 MIDNIGHT (Thursday) YOU CAN TAKE ADVANTAGE OF PREMIUM PLUS YEARLY FOR $499 !!

Doing the math on that. Its just $0.82/day for Premium! Or a small $25/month. Here's what you will get:

  • *62+ NEW Expert Classes ($1,000’s value)
  • *Managed Wordpress Hosting for 10 Websites ($250/month Value)
  • *Unlimited Jaaxy Lite Searches ($49/month value)
  • *Personal Mentorship & Coaching from Kyle & Carson (PRICELESS)
  • *532 Hours of Past Expert Classes
  • *All the Core Training (120 Lessons)
  • *Unlimited Communication & Help Within WA
  • *Kyle’s My Bonus “Success in 2022” Class
  • *Jay’s Bonus “Research to Profits, 14 Day Case Study”

PLUS you will get

+ ability to ask the hosting experts live questions during the live training as well as before and after the training sessions.

+ training on very topic imaginable from building an authority YouTube channel, Social Media mastery, Wordpress hacks, local marketing, ecommerce and more

+ a big focus on website rankings - this gives your online business traffic and gives you income

+ all from Expert internet marketers

+ This also includes over 532+ hours of past classes

+ You will continue to advance your knowledge each and every week, more knowledge = MORE $$.

You can read about all the other inclusions in Kyle's post

Normally this kind if deal is only available at Black Friday time. So this best ever pricing offer on Premium is a huge opportunity for you.







This $299 Premium Yearly Sale.

With Premium, you get all the ESSENTIAL tools, training, resources, and support Wealthy Affiliate offers.

I have personally reviewed 100+ courses/training/opportunities on how to ‘make money online’, online marketing, affiliate marketing, etc. I am continually amazed by the low quality out there and how much VALUE Wealthy Affiliate offers for such cheap yearly membership investment in your business.

From time to time, I personally do extra courses myself. Why? I want to be an even better online marketing professional to help my referrals grow their business even more. For example in 2021, I did an advanced YouTube course. That was $497 alone for just a 3-month course. The course was fine, but then.....

Right after the course there were upsells to continue with similar course/coaching... you got group coaching (not 1 on 1 coaching) for:

"Light" $297 a month plus a few thousand joining fee or

"Full" $497 a month plus $3,000 joining fee.

Yes you read that right, that was monthly costs….outrageous!.

So I was looking down the barrel of having to pay that HIGH amount to promote his program etc. And his program didn't even include a keyword research tool or hosting!

Let me say that another way, you could never earn even $1 from promoting his program UNLESS you paid a sign-up fee of $3,000 plus $497 a month.

So I thought what the ……!?! Here at Wealthy Affiliate we can build as many niche websites we want. I started another niche website recently that I'm really excited about. We have all the training we need, seriously the Premium training sessions are amazing, all the essential internet marketing skills is what you can learn here guys.

Every day I'm excited to learn more and grow my online business and help serve my referrals.

You personally deserve it.

Your business deserves it.

Learn everything you can from this incredible platform.

Don't miss out.

Don't make excuses.

Take consistent action.

You'll be glad you did - YOU GOT THIS! :)

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Your blogs are really wonderful to read !!!😊

I will go through the feedback you gave on my site, I know it's been a while but really thankful for your help!!!

My pleasure Sujith,
Glad you liked this blog and will consider Kyle's deal this week.
Please go thorough the feedback, it will help your blog posts rank faster.
Let's achieve success, John

Excellent advice :-)

Thank you! :-)

You are very welcome :-)

Beautifully written with great advice.

Thanks so much Stephen,
I let me thoughts ferment for a few days and collated my thoughts before writing this. I had been thinking about the ideas and how to help people with these tips as they had been lingering in my mind for last couple of years.
SO I really appreciate your compliment.
Thank you!! John

Very wise words, indeed, John!

Keep succeeding!


Thanks Jeff!

You're very welcome, John!

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