Black Friday Rewind on Our Premium Pricing! (3 Days Only)

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Hey WA'ers,

I honestly can't believe June has already arrived! Spring is here, and so are the sunny days ahead in your business. We want to make them even "sunnier" with a special, but very time sensitive offer on our Premium membership.

We know this year has been slightly crazy, between the pandemic, a war, rising gas/food/real estate prices, and hyper-inflation it has been a tough time to really get a break. Well, Carson and I have decided to offer you a "break" financially, by bringing back our Black Friday offer.

In other words, our lowest price we have EVER offered on our Premium membership is making a comeback, but only for next 72 hours (June 6th at NOON, to June 9th at MIDNIGHT PST)!

We want your year ahead to be the most successful yet, and we know that you investing into your business in the yar ahead is going to help speed up this process.

Our "Black Friday Rewind" Sale at Wealthy Affiliate is only going to be available for a total of 3 days! So if you are even remotely interested, you will need to act quick with this offer.

===> Get a Premium Yearly Membership for $299 (Our Lowest Price Ever)!

When it’s gone, it is gone.

Before we get rolling into what the offer is, let me tell you a little bit about Wealthy Affiliate and our background. Many people don’t realize that just like you, both Carson (our other co-founder) and I started out online with no experience.

We were college students studying computer science here in small town Victoria, BC (Canada). We had nothing more than a dream to make something of ourselves.

We happened to get our start within the affiliate marketing world, and both became independently successful online within the first few years of starting (6-figure incomes)...before joining forces and starting Wealthy Affiliate back in 2005.

Our goal from the inception of Wealthy Affiliate has been to help other people learn how to harness the power of the internet and global marketplace, just as we did.

We figured, if we can do this, anyone can. We just have to teach people what we are doing!

Simple as that, right?

Well, actually yeah. It worked…over the past 17 years we have helped incubate some of the world’s leading affiliate marketers and Internet Entrpreneur’s right within WA. We have worked with over 2.7+ MILLION people, within the community in WA.

It’s been a lot of fun up to this point, but we are FAR from done creating success stories…

Our mission is to help the next phase of Entrepreneurs explore the new age of opportunity that lies in the years ahead. The Internet continues to grow, and so does the opportunity within the online world…because of the pandemic and people shifting their time and money online, you are seeing an influx of opportunities that we have yet to see in our combined 40 years of online business experience.

It’s exciting. Truly.

We want to help you leverage this opportunity, regardless of your skill level, your knowledge, your technical capability or your location in the world. We know we can help, all we need for you is to commit to yourself and your business. If you can do that, we can provide you with everything else you need within Wealthy Affiliate.

We Also Want to Help YOU Beat Inflation…

Looking back, when we were in college the price of tuition was so much cheaper now. I believe our full 3 year computer science diploma was around $20,000 and that doesn’t take into account all of the lost wages that one has while they are in school, so probably another $150,000…so $200k real monetary losses is what we would be looking at for a “diploma” in 2022.

This goes for education across the board. Year over year, inflation is hitting the education world with the cost of tuition breaking records year-over-year. The SAME program Carson and I took in college is now over $50,000.

In fact, I was just looking up some stats in Google and the average cost of a University degree these days is $67,694 per year close to $270,776 at an average school. You can double that price if you want to go to Harvard. IN-SANE!

Obviously knowing what we know now, we would have invested all the time, money and energy into building a business instead of going to school. We would have been way further ahead in the short and long run.

OK, I digress. I just wanted to rant about the crazy world of education, and how so many people are fooled into thinking that it is their way to “money”, when it is their own hard work combined with a proper approach to making money, that will lead them there.

And that is exactly what we teach and what we offer within Wealthy Affiliate…at an itty bitty fraction of the cost.

That leads me to the flash offer, our craziest pricing ever for a Premium membership….

The Offer: $299/year for Premium ($289 Off)

If you are interested in building a business online, managing successful businesses online, and continually adding expertise and new skills to your repertoire, then Premium is going to be your fastest route to achieving success.

Not only is this your “master key to the community”, here at Wealthy Affiliate, you are going to be well-equipped to build and advance successful businesses of any size.

Your path to success is sped up drastically with the Premium membership here at Wealthy Affiliate. What exactly are you going to get? Let’s have a look…

  • Our Elite Core Training (120 Lessons). A solid foundation leads to the ability to grow a skyscraper. The same goes in business, and the core training modules are going to educate you on the key “building block” strategies to grow a business in 2022/2023 and beyond! Over 120 lessons will take anyone to a SKILLED level of experience in the affiliate marketing world.

  • Ongoing Expert Classes (62+ per year). Tune in throughout the week and get real-time expert training, with the ability to ask the hosting experts live questions before, after and during the training sessions. This is pure value training, teaching you on every topic imaginable from Wordpress hacks, to gaining popularity on Youtube, ecommerce, social media, local marketing, and of course a big focus on website rankings. You will continue to advance your knowledge each and every week, more knowledge = MORE $$. This also includes over 532+ hours of past classes!

  • Managed Wordpress Hosting. Our hosting is world class, on some of the fastest servers in the world. Layer in our sophisticated security suite, and speed platforms that we have developed to interface with it, and you are going to have the most secure, and highest ranking websites around. Within Premium you are going to get our Premium level of hosting, with the ability to host up to 10 websites on your own domain.

  • Our “Site” Website Suite. You are going to get access to website platforms that are integral to the growth of your business, this includes the ability to keep tabs on your website “health”, to boost “SiteSpeed”, to create high ranking content with efficiency, and to get engagement rolling on your website. These tools are unique to WA, and you get access to all of them! Elite website support unparalleled in the industry is included with this!

  • Jaaxy Lite Research Platform. Keywords and understanding your website rankings will be a big part of your business. The reality is that ONE (yes, just one) keyword that you discover using the Jaaxy platform at Wealthy Affiliate could literally be worth $1,000’s to your business…and there are BILLIONS of keywords.

  • Coaching & Mentorship. Get help directly from the founders, Carson and myself…as well as some of the top affiliate marketers in the world. We thrive on our ability to truly offer direct coaching and help every step of your journey, and NO question is a dumb question. Learning directly from successful mentors can speed up your success 500%, at minimum. You are getting expert support in an unlimited fashion at every turn within the Premium experience.

  • My Bonus “Success in 2022” Expert Classes Last but not least, you are going to get exclusive access to our series of expert classes that dive deep into the minds of some of the top experts here within the community. These classes will offer you insight into what those achieving success online are working on, are avoiding, and are planning on focusing on in the year ahead to drive success within their businesses. These classes will instantly be available to you and sent to you upon upgrading.

  • Jay’s Bonus “Research to Profits, 14 Day Case Study” Series. This is over 14 hours of "over the shoulder" training where you can see our resident expert Jay carve out the landscape for a successful business over 14 consecutive days. This is a start to finish case study that is going to fill in a lot of the missing "blanks" for even the most experienced affiliate marketers. This is 20 years of knowledge wrapped up into ONE series of classes.

  • Our "Forever Pricing" Promise. If you upgrade through this offer at $299, you are going to be able to take adavntage of this pricing in subsequent years. You will not be subject to price increases in the future, even if the price of Premium goes up (which it may to keep up with inflation).

And that just brushes the surface of what is offered when you upgrade to Premium Yearly. What I have mentioned above are just some of the KEY platforms and services that you have access to here at Wealthy Affiliate. Just the tip of the iceberg.

To give you some perspective on what you could expect to pay for these services if you went elsewhere…

Guru Coaching programs anywhere and everywhere cost $5,000+. ClickFunnels is $2,500 per year, and isn’t even a website builder. Comparable hosting at costs $3,000 per year. Comparable Keyword tools like Moz cost $1,200 - $6,000 per year. And if you want to get a degree for a 29 month Digital Marketing course at Full Sail University, you are looking at $58,600! Combine all of those together, and you are looking at $70,000+ per year.

Not to mention a University degree these days that can run you north of $267,000!

And for SUPERIOR services that you are getting here at Wealthy Affiliate.

We are giving you an entire year of Premium for less than $0.82 per day! For an ENTIRE YEAR! That is 5% of the costs of these high ticket coaching programs alone, but instead of getting access to one “coach”, you are getting access to a community of experts and folks that are actually achieving success online.

The crazy part is that the normal price for Premium $49 per month, which even at that price is the lowest cost, yet most comprehensive platform in the industry for building online businesses.

If you level up to Premium Yearly through the Black Friday Rewind offer, you are getting this discounted to an average of $25 per month (or 82 cents per day). Also as an added bonus, if you decide you want to stick around on this exclusive pricing next year, you are also going to get access to this “Forever Pricing Promise” next year!

In all reality, we could, and probably should charge WAY more. But we don’t. Why?

Because YOU are more important than our bottom line. It is why we haven’t raised our prices in our almost 17 years, yet continue to INVEST MILLIONS PER YEAR year into our platform. It is why we are the #1 recommended and most trusted platform in the world for creating and growing businesses online. It is why we have a 4.9 out of 5 rating on TrustPilot!

We are running this offer from June 6th at NOON, to June 9th at 11:59PM PST (Pacific Standard Time). It is a small investment into yourself today if you are serious about creating an online business and revenue stream.

Premium will get you rolling full speed ahead on our services for the next month, and then from there you can decide if this is going to be for you and if you want to create a long term and successful business online.

All the websites and hosting platforms, keyword tools, all the training, all the coaching, all the training and ongoing education…it’s all included here. All under one roof.

This one decision could literally be the start of a six-figure business venture, and it has for many MANY members here at Wealthy Affiliate. We have shaped some of the top affiliate marketers in the world, many now operating million dollar enterprises.

OK. There you have it. 3 Days. The ball is in your court. Ready, set, go!

===> Get a Premium Yearly Membership for less than $0.82 Per Day!

Now you can make a decision either way, but I also want to be completely available to you here if you have any questions about Premium, or the offer itself. Please leave questions below and I will get back to you right away.

I can’t wait to work with you moving forward and in the year ahead. I know if you do take us up on this offer, you will have zero regrets.

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Thanks Kyle for this amazing offer, the comparison with university education is brilliant but it's so unfortunate to see the increasing unemployment rate, even after paying so heavily for degrees and certificates.
WA certainly provides valuable education in the Internet marketing field that will help people to create a source of income.
We are really blessed to be a part of WA.
Heartfelt gratitude.

The problem is everyone has degrees now, so if you come out of school with a business admin degree you are able to get a job as bank teller (maybe, as they are starting to trim back on that as well)...not to mention being out several $100K.

Invest 4 years here at WA building a business, and $ would be WAY further ahead. Crazy when put in that perspective, isn't it?

Yes, the training is good and there is no college education required. With online marketing you can "make" your own job and earn. Many affiliate marketers are successful to the point that it is the only source of income they need. to pay for daily living and more.

Awesome Kyle, I love the comparisons to the university education and other options on the market. Wealthy Affiliate Premium $299 was the best deal I ever got when I took it up way back in Black Friday 2018. So much to do here, so much to learn, so helpful in building OUR online businesses - with everything you need here.
Thank you Kyle and team.

It is a drop in the bucket in comparison, it's crazy to think how much I spent on my schooling over the years...and even more so the people these days to "maybe" get a job on the other side.

This is an awesome promo!!
Love the work you and Carson do here Kyle. I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I could have achieved so much in such a short time and I have Wealthy Affiliate to thank for that!

The best family ever!! (I hope my Mum and Dad don't see that lol)

So wonderful to hear Mark, and we definitely won't pass this on to your Mum and Dad! lol

Been really awesome getting to know you over the last year!

Bleh, I was excited until I realized that it's not for premium plus haha. I would sign up for premium plus in a heartbeat at that price. It's still a great deal, though.

If you're on the fence about seeing what Wealthy Affiliate Premium has to offer, I'd highly recommend taking advantage of this while you can. I've been a premium member since 2018, and I have ZERO regrets.

The sheer value that Wealthy Affiliate offers compared to other learning platforms is second to none. WA provides ALL of the tools you need to get started and succeed with affiliate marketing.

There's a reason WA has over a million members, and it's not just because of the training. The supportive community is the most valuable asset WA has to offer. How many platforms can say they have a community equivalent to that? Answer: None.

Haha, you won't see Premium Plus+ at that price. But we do offer a Premium Plus+ discount every Black Friday, so stay tuned for that!

Haha, indeed! It was probably my glass half full personality playing games with my heart again :P Absolutely, I promised myself I would upgrade to it as my first purchase from the money I make applying your training here. I don't plan to wait until Black Friday this year; I'd rather it be earlier than that, but hey, if the offer's there, I'm definitely buying!

WA has already proven its value to me as a premium member. I don't need much convincing that Premium Plus has even more to offer ;)

Well this is fantastic especially for those who are on the free tier and/or who are unable to upgrade because money is tight! 👏
This will help them take advantage of the sale and get a head start on what other amazing features they are about to unfold! 🤩

Indeed, and that is the goal! I hope you are doing well Kimmy!

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