I'm glad that's over!

Last Update: November 09, 2016

Hey gang! Earlier this week, we closed the book on Michael@ultimateless' 30 day blogging challenge. I'm happy to say that a majority of our challengers stuck with it and completed the challenge. So, great job everybody and thank you for your participation!

I ended up creating a total of 2 new pages and 24 new posts for my website. I know this number falls short of the 30 post requirement. But hey, life happens and I ran out of time. Regardless, I feel that my effort was a shining success and I'm very proud of what I was able to accomplish.

I definitely learned a great deal about running my website and I would highly recommend taking on the challenge to anybody.

One of the things I had to sacrifice during this past month was keeping up with my WA training. I have a ton of new content, but because of where I left off with my training, I now have a ton of catching up to do.

Perhaps, completing a minimum number of training lessons per week (hint hint) will be a part of my new challenge that I will announce on Sunday of this week.

On a not so final note. I'm so glad that our 2016 election cycle is all over but the crying. I have been patiently waiting for things to go back to normal, especially on my Facebook account. I don't know about you, but I stopped looking at my profile there because I got sick of the who's better who's best B.S. a long time ago.

Can we PLEASE go back to pictures of yummy meals and children's birthdays on our feeds that were at least tolerable about six months ago? Thanks in advance lol!

I would like to congratulate the winners and give out a better luck next time to the losers of last nights election. This is absolutely as far as I will go with anything political here at WA, so don't even try to get me started :)

One last thing. I know I've said this before but I think it's worth repeating. I'd like to give a HUGE thank you to the following people:

  • Michael for moderating the 30 day challenge and keeping us updated and motivated.
  • Our Challengers for their dedication in sticking with the challenge until completion.

Finally, the Good Cheer and Zeal award goes out to two exceptional WA'ers. These two individuals provided their support and good cheer to us and kept us going throughout the challenge. They are Jeannie@JBrickley and Veronica@VeronicasLuv. Thank you so much to the both of you!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your week and as always, thanks for reading this!


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DennisD1 Premium
Ditto to the gratitude for the leadership, the support and encouragement.
JohnA78 Premium
Thanks Dennis!
StepChook Premium
I think you all did a great job. It's amazing what we are capable of doing when a challenge is put before us!
JohnA78 Premium
Thanks Stephen. I completely agree with what you said.
VeronicasLuv Premium
janmar Premium
I'm looking forward to doing this in the near future. I feel like I have a better understanding of the writing quality posts and would benefit from the challenge.
I just want to have weekends off, though!
JohnA78 Premium
Hi Janice. Our new challenge starts up November 15. I'm limiting the number of posts to a minimum of 3 per week. I think that's a much more doable goal. You're more than welcome to join us if you like.
MKearns Premium
Good to get back to yummy comfort food and away from contentious slogans John!
JohnA78 Premium
Yes indeed! I thinks it's only a matter of time now lol!
MPollock Premium
thanks, for sharing.
JohnA78 Premium
You're welcome Mike!