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February 05, 2017
Hey Gang! Wherever you are in the world, happy Sunday to you!It's been a while so I thought I'd stop by and see how things are going at Wealthy Affiliate. I see a lot of new faces and a lot of the same old ones, too. I also see there have been some updates to the WA website as well, very nice! Somehow, I managed to get my first WA referral a few weeks ago! Pretty cool, but he doesn't seem to be very active here. Maybe I should drop him a line. I received my 6 month badge recently and I can't be
November 19, 2016
Hey gang. So, this past week has been a roller coaster ride for me. I was given a high pressure assignment at work that absolutely had to be finished by Friday. We had a long way to go and a short time to get there. My team and I put in many hours and thankfully the job got done in time.At the same time, I instigated a challenge here at WA. Well, because of the hours I put in at work, I wasn't left with any time to participate. I feel terrible that I may have left some people hanging and I apol
Good morning everybody! I hope you're off to a better start with this challenge than I am. Because of my work schedule (I'll be working 12 hr shifts for the foreseeable future) I almost postponed my involvement with my own challenge.But, that's not going to happen. I can't let people down like that, especially with the number of people who took up this challenge. I stuck my neck out and I'm going to follow through. Somehow :)I completed Bootcamp Course 1 Lesson 5 last night and I'm about halfwa
November 13, 2016
Hey Gang! Wherever you are in the world, happy Sunday to you! Today I'm going to roll out the details of my new blogging challenge that starts Nov 15. This is open to any member interested in participating.I know Tuesday is kind of a funky day to start something new. But, our 30 day challenge ended this past Tuesday and I wanted to give everybody a week to unwind and catch up on things.I'm calling this the 3,2,1 Challenge and ideally it should help people get more value out of their WA membersh
November 09, 2016
Hey gang! Earlier this week, we closed the book on Michael@ultimateless' 30 day blogging challenge. I'm happy to say that a majority of our challengers stuck with it and completed the challenge. So, great job everybody and thank you for your participation!I ended up creating a total of 2 new pages and 24 new posts for my website. I know this number falls short of the 30 post requirement. But hey, life happens and I ran out of time. Regardless, I feel that my effort was a shining success and I'm
November 06, 2016
Hey Gang! Wherever you are in the world, happy Sunday to you. Of all the seasons we experience here in Mexico, New York, I think autumn is my favorite. Summer time brings heat and humidity and winter time is enough to make Jack Frost shiver. Autumn brings the happy medium in temperatures that I look forward to all year.Plus, if you've never experienced the fall colors that mother nature paints her landscapes with, you don't know what you're missing. It certainly is a sight to behold.I reached a
October 30, 2016
Hey Gang! Wherever you are in the world, Happy Sunday to You! For those of you who have been following Michael@Ultimateless' 30 day blogging challenge, we break into the single digits of days left in the challenge this week. So, to my fellow challengers, awesome job everybody! The finish line is in sight!That brings me to my next point. The title of my post is "A New Challenge in the Works." I spoke with Michael yesterday about how proud we were that so many of our challengers have held on and
October 23, 2016
Hey Gang! Tomorrow marks the halfway point of our 30 day blogging challenge. I'm finding out what running a marathon instead of a sprint really means. If you are participating in the challenge, keep up the great work, we're almost there!I'd like to welcome back our fine Ambassador, Steve Cox, after a two week disconnect. He has some very interesting things to share about his experience over on his profile. If you have a minute, go check out his latest blog posts. I'm glad to have him back becau
October 17, 2016
Hey Gang! This is for all the people who have chosen to use the Yoast SEO plugin. I don't know if you realize it or not, but there is a huge amount of useful information on their website you may find helpful. They maintain a regular blog that deals with everything from SEO tactics to keyword research and user experience. The list of articles is pretty extensive. Just type Yoast SEO into your browser and you should find their website, no problem.Through peeling back several layers, I also found
October 16, 2016
Wherever you are in the world, good Sunday to you! The first week of our 30 day blogging challenge is in the books. If you are participating in the challenge and you are reading this, good for you! I'm glad to have you on board, keep up the good work!I'd also like to acknowledge all of our fellow Wealthy Affiliates that have been following our progress and cheering us on. Thank you everybody, it really does help to read the encouragement you leave us in your comments.A very special hat tip goes