Internet Marketing Guide: 7 Things To Disregard Until You Are Making 4-Figures

Last Update: April 28, 2020

Another Internet Marketing Guide focusing on 7 things you must disregard until you are making 4 figure in earnings. If you really want to be a succeful Internet marketer this is one guide that you must read.

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It is all about traps that always slow down the newbies from growing their business in good time. They are things you must not worry yourself about until you start making good money, like $1,000 as an Internet marketer.

You will get flooded with new technology, strategies, and tactics of how to grow your business daily, but what you don’t know is that those things are great, but they are not meant for you as a newbie.

From experience as a newbie, you window shops other websites, and you wish your site is like that instead of focusing on what matters as a beginner.

***Your Website Speed***

As a beginner with a new website, you should not worry about the speed of your website. You don’t need a particular plugin to speed up your site up now as a beginner.

The site is new with less than 200 posts, and you are thinking of purchasing a plugin that could speed up your site. Site Speed is essential, but not when you are just starting out with less than 400 articles.

Most especially if you are with Wealthy Affiliate don’t worry yourself about your site speed. WA already takes care of your site speed; you won’t need to purchase the additional plugin for that.

Can you think of another site that is very slow in term of page load but making more money than your website? There are better things to worry about than site speed. Average loading time is good enough for your website.

***Branding Of Your Website***

When you are starting out as a new Internet marketer, you don’t need to worry about branding. What color to adopt, logo and site structure? You can start anyhow with what is necessary like content.

Instead of worrying about color and logo and site structure to adopt for months or instead of rolling out content that will attract your audience to the website. Don’t worry about making your CSS perfect and looking to get your site color consistent.

Some will be working on their website logo for months when nothing is done yet about the reason why the site has been set up, i.e., Helping people and solving problems.

Your website will attract the audience when and if they get the problem solved via your site; irrespective of the color and logo of your website.

Have you seen Kyle website before (Owners of Wealthy Affiliate)? It is simple and straightforward but converting and making money daily because it is helping people.

When you are starting out you don’t need any logo, you can adopt text like a logo. Don’t waste money-employing designers on day one of starting out. Except if your blog is about branding or on fashion.

***Be Your Self With Your Site***

Always be yourself and don’t worry about what people will say about your website. Start out boldly, when you are ready to place your banal adds, put it out and don’t let your thought put you down.

If you are ready, put your face out with your picture on your about me page. Don’t wait to make the best possible content, write and push it out.

Also, you don’t need to put yourself under pressure, like trying to push content out at a regular time; saying you must publish an article every day. No, no one is waiting to read your article daily, there is no need to rush! As a newbie, do you have any subscribers?

***Don’t Outsource On Day One***

Blogging is an ART; you must know the how to, learn the rudiment. At Wealthy Affiliate, we preach that you should follow the training. You must learn to write your first series of articles before engaging writers to write for you.

How would you correct them when you don’t know the “how to”; you will need article format! How do you develop an excellent article format for your websites if you never learn to write your first series of articles?

You can never be successful with this approach. Learn the rudiment of how to do things by yourself initially until you are making money.

Wealthy Affiliate approach is better because you will be taught everything you need to be a successful Internet Marketer. There are step-by-step videos and text tutorial that will help you out.

There are lots of tools that can assist you to like; Grammarly that can help shape your grammar if English is not your first language.

You need to build the process and automation before engaging freelancer, if you don’t know how to write, how do you develop your article format and put in place your process.

***Re-Investment Your Earnings***

If you are making less than $2,000 monthly, I don’t think it is ripe to start paying yourself or spending the money outside your online business.

It will be more productive if you can re-invest these earnings to improve your reach in term of production if content. Some people will start paying them-self and purchasing tools that are not needed for a new site.

You can compound and multiply your business by pumping more funds to the production of contents. Contents here include articles, podcast, and YouTube Video.

If you start wasting your money and the traffic tank suddenly and the money is no more coming what then will happen to you? Use your funds to scale up what you have until you know you are making real good money.

***Don’t Run Multiple Website As Beginners***

You cannot learn this trade with multiple websites, it is advice able to start with a site and run with it. Scale your website until it is yielding enough money for you.

Go through the training and put what you are taught to work. Running one website is enough task for a serious-minded Webmaster and a newbie. You are to work hard and turn to make your website to a trusted site.

Also, stick to just one website and don’t ever run multiple projects when you are just starting out. Focus on building your audience, link building and expanding your website feasibilities.

***Don’t Quit Your Job Yet***

Don’t quit your job in a hurry when you start seeing the result. Some people always run to leave their jobs when they get a spark in earnings. You may not understand that repeated subsequently.

Focus and grow your website. You will know when it is time to quit your job. Many have left their jobs in a hurry, and they have nothing to fall back on because their website could not repeat the earnings they got that lead them to quit.

Learn from the mistakes of others. A lot of things can still get wrong. This is another must read article on 13 Things to Expect As You Start An Internet Marketing

What To Keep On Doing. . . .

Do you want to be successful as a blogger? I can guarantee your success if you disregard those success trappers listed above and concentrate on what is needful.

Things you must concentrate on are simple, could be boring, difficult, and may be complex but it works 100%. They are must do that will help you make money faster than you think irrespective of the niche you are working on.

1. You should find a way to grow your website

2. Target Traffics via Content production, Social, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and maybe through pay traffics.

3. Concentrate on an affiliate network until you are making several thousands of money.

4. Ensure your website is adding value to your audience. Otherwise, it will be tight and painful for you to make money with your site.


What do you think of 7 things you should disregard until you are making 4-Figures in earnings? All the above are important but you can make money without them and they will trap you down and won't help you grow faster as an Internet marketer.

Every New Internet Marketer wants to have their website look beautiful and radiantly built just like those authority sites that have been in business for years. No, it is not how beautiful your website looked but how much value and impact it has on your audience. That is the only thing that will help you make money online.

This article is about things to disregard until you are making 4-figure in earnings. It will help you channel your resource to what is needful, and what matters.

What do you think? Do you agree with my points or you have some exceptions?

Is there any other stuff that you think a newbie should disregards until they start making excellent money? Kindly drop your thought, I will be glad to get back to you.



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kpercival55 Premium
Thanks John, I have already fallen into a couple of these traps and it just sucks up more time going back to overcome the mistake than if I hadn’t done it.
Good advice.
jofa Premium
Thanks for reading the article. It is never too late. Going forward, we will be guided to avoid these common mistakes.


MKearns Premium
Great advice. thank you!
jofa Premium
It is a privileged to be here.


HuyNLe1989 Premium
I definitely agree. Although I did do my logos on my website initially I had a lot of experience in that area so it didn’t take me too much time but I can definitely see how you can waste time.

I generally use the time when I run into writers block to go tinker with things like that to give myself a break from writing.
jofa Premium
You are right. It is not a waste of time when you have the skill needed to do the task instead of outsourcing it when you are yet to start making money.

Thank you.


bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, John.
jofa Premium
Thanks for reading the article.

bigrog44 Premium
No problem.
dchapman3 Premium
Great advice, some of which I have done such as create multiply websites. I now focus on only 2 sites.

This s great advice for the beginner and intermediate.
jofa Premium
Yes. those are reflections of many mistakes I have made.

Thanks for going through.