13 Things to Expect As You Start An Internet Marketing Business Today

Last Update: Apr 29, 2020

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There are many things you are expected to know as you are venturing into Internet Marketing.

These article is about 13 things to expect as you start an Internet Marketing today.

If you know things to expect in this online business you will be well prepared to meet the demands it required to be successful. The quote say it all “ chance favour only the prepared mind”.

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Knowing things to expect when starting an Internet Marketing are very critical to your online business; if you know them, it will help you to overcome various challenges when they occurs.

Not knowing what can happen along this journey to becoming an Internet Marketer can destroy your investment. Before you start out you must know the following about your business:

• Your targeted customer
• What to promote or sell
• Your budget limit and resources
• Identify your audience or customer base
• How to find your targeted customers.
• Lastly, how to sell to your audience.

Aside from the above, things that are beyond your control will happen as you are learning to become an expert in the Internet Marketing world. The below are 13 things that you need to expect as a Digital Marketer:

**It Is Not A Solution to An Urgent Money Problem***

Internet Marketing takes a while before you can start seeing the result. This assertion depends on if you want to go the way we are thought in Wealthy Affiliate. At Wealthy Affiliate you are first thought to grow your business organically.

Getting audience and visitors to your website organically will take you a while (between six months to a year); this depends on how competitive is your niche.

You will need to wait for a long while before Internet marketing can start to make you money. It is a business that works like brick and mortar business. There is an incubation period for Internet Marketing to start yielding a result and earning you money.

When you start out there is this time for you you to first build your business with your audience in mind. Therefore, it is advice able that you keep your day job. You can be working to make money by the side while you are working on your Internet marketing.

Alternatively, you can start earning online through freelancing. We have so many such websites like Fiverr, Upwork, iWriter, Contenmart and Textbroker e.t.c. The objective is to be able to feed yourself before your articles and content get rank.

***You Will Need to Learn A Lot Faster***

You will be expected to learn a lot of new stuff. You need to love to learn new things. (Using a computer, software manipulations, and graphic design). Because Internet Marketing is a dynamic environment, things change faster than expected

You will be required to read many materials that will help you become a full-time blogger and owner of your own online business. At Wealthy Affiliate you will be thought to become an expert as long as you can read and you know how to hold a computer mouse.

You have to learn how to navigate through the word press. You will learn how to research your content, how to get a new idea, how to post and manipulate your content, how to embed media within your content, how to rank your content on page one of the search engine, how to download, install and delete plugins.

You will learn how to use analytics and Webmaster tools for essential search engines. You don’t need to be super perfect and be excellent. Just knowing how to use those essential tools will help you a lot.

The bad news is that Internet Marketing will change your lifestyle entirely but you will become a guru, and you can even use what you learn to get a part-time job anywhere in the world. You can become a SEO consultant aside from your own business.

To be a successful Internet Marketer you will also need to expand your learning scope, even If you are learning from the best such as WA, you are still expected to read from other well to do bloggers and listen to high quality podcast mostly about your niche.

***Start With A Reason That Is Bigger Than Money***

The objective of starting Internet Marketing should be to provide help and solution to your targeted audience.

This is why the training here at Wealthy Affiliate will teach you to go after what you have a passion for or your hobbies. Million around the world are ready to pay to learn what you are good at doing best.

You are expected to go after helping people. For instance, my friend Mark loves playing video games. He started a blog to reviewing new video games, and in the process, he is promoting these games and game accessories on his website. He is making over $20,000 monthly today.

Therefore, the clue to making money online lies in your hobbies and what you have a passion for.

***Focus on Specific Niche and Not Broad Niche***

Many great bloggers have started years ago, they are the early bloggers. The are dominating the web and many people are launching out daily new blog daily.

If you are starting out and you are choosing your niche; you are expected to go narrow. Going narrow or broad will determine how fast you make money with your Internet Marketing business.

We have three major evergreen broad niches that sell like fire; they are Health, Wealth and Relationships. For instance, health can also be split into narrow niches (subcategories ) as shown below:

Health Niche
• Digestive health
• Healthy Gut.
• Weight loss.
• Anti-aging.
• Diabetes.
• Arthritis.
• Back and Neck pain.
• Hair loss.
• Skincare.

Therefore, I suggest you focus on a narrow niche so that you can hit your target in good time. Focusing on a broad niche is like shooting into space, you won't hit your target audience. You will need to starting shooting many arrows before you can hit one or two objects that way.

This is why people are not making money in good time in Internet Marketing business.

*** Entry Barrier To Internet Marketing Is Very Low***

The barrier of entry into Internet Marketing is very low; this is why many people are rushing into it knowing that people are making money online.

To host and buy a website domain may not cost you up to $50 monthly. It is such an easy and straightforward process to start a business online.

Many will assume setting up the webpage is all they need to be successful, and that is just like 5% of the work required to start building a serious business online.

It involves much work to start making money online. You have to get involve and be ready to work your heart out. Initially, it may even require more work and commitment than your day job; most especially if you are combining it with your day job.

***Don’t Sign Up For Every Internet Marketing Tool***

You are not expected to sign up for all the Internet Marketing tools in the world. If you get trained with Wealthy Affiliate; life will be made more comfortable for you because WA has almost all Internet Marketing tools FREE for the affiliate here.

The point is, if you are starting out with Internet Marketing you are not expected to have all the needed tools. The primary tools needed for the newbie includes Keyword tools, All In One SEO Pack, Grammarly (Or Other Spell Check Editor) and Google Analytics.

Note: If you are with Wealthy Affiliate you will have all the tools you needed FREE as a premium member. What is expected of you after building a website as a newbie is to focus on content that will help you grow your business and this will impact in your audience positively?

***You Either Invest Your Money Or Use Your Skill***

To speed up your business as an Internet Marketer, you need to invest your money, or you will spend enough time with building your business with your skill.

You can NOT go far and fast if you are not ready to invest your money. You need money to come up with content. Content is everything when you start out. The essence of Internet Marketing is getting your audience to your website. They will only come via your content.

This is why you need to produce large enough content as relate to your niche as fast as possible. You can engage many freelancers in Upwork, Contentmart, Fiverr, etc.

You cannot get this done if you are not skillful and you don’t have the money to invest and employ freelance (Don’t get me wrong, you can grow your business within your budget or without investment, but you will be crawling)

***Expect To Make Many Mistakes***

I can assure you that you will make many mistakes as an Internet Marketing newbie or beginner.

You will erroneously go against SEO rule; you will Install and use tools that may damage your website, you will do something wrong that is against your objective.

It will not be intentional done though; you will do that not knowing what you are doing as a beginner. You will see something on another website that you like and will do the same on your site not knowing that it is wrong practice.

To avoid most of this costly mistakes learn Internet Marketing from the best such as Wealthy Affiliate. If you are in WA, this mistake will be minimal; because you will follow step by step video and text materials that will help you set-up your website.

Note: This is why many bloggers may not make money with their first websites because it will be loaded with many mistakes. Mostly, people start making money with their subsequent websites.

If you learn the rudiment through the best Internet marketing trainers in the world “ Wealthy Affiliate” such mistakes will be reduced to minimal, and the percentage of success with your first or subsequent websites will be high.

***Expect Unexpected to Happen***

Internet Marketing is a business run on the Internet; have you ever ask who controls the Internet? Unexpected things will happen to your business or websites that will disturb your soul as an Internet Marketer.

Bad things will happen that will affect your websites in any way such as follows: Your website ranking which is control by search engine algorithms such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Your affiliate network rule will change that will affect your earnings etc.

The good news is that you will survive them all if only you are playing by the rule of SEO and you will learn with time.

***Your Chance Of Success Is Very High***

Your chance of success as an Internet Marketer is very high as long as you refuse to give up. It is only if you give up that you will not implement those previous mistakes you must have made.

If you are struggling with your first website start a new one and approach it differently by implementing and avoiding the mistakes you have made previously.

Even if your niche is broad such like “ How to Make Money Niche,” it may take time, but you will still make money if you refuse to give up.

As long as you are sure you are helping people with your content. Content here could be an article, YouTube Video, and Podcast.

***You Need Backup Funds If You Are Going Full-time***

Going full time will help you devote your time and energy to your business and avoid distractions from other jobs. Since it will take you time to start making good money as an Internet Marketer, if you are going full time you will need to have backup funds that will take you through this challenging time.

You can also render your service online; there is something you are good at. You can sign up on Upwork, iWriter and Fiverr. These extra jobs can help you succeed faster than expected. While you are focus on relevant extra jobs to your niche.

***You Are Expected to Re-Invest Your Earnings***

At this initial stage of your carrier as an Internet Marketer, you are expected to reinvest your earnings.

As soon as you are making money, you can even increase your targeted audience by increasing your content. You can employ a writer, editors, designers or any assistant that can help you with your websites.

This is the only way to grow your business online.

***Expect to Step on Many Toes***

As an Internet Marketer, you should not expect all your audience or competitor to be happy with you. Many will hate your content, and you will receive many comments that are not pleasant.

Your competitors will dislike your success; things will be thrown at you online. You must learn to dispel and manage situations as they arrive.

Your goal and objective are to focus on the big pictures, and the big picture includes solving problem for your audience and feeding them with quality content and resource on a daily basis.


What do you think about this article on 13 things to expect as you start an Internet Marketing Business today?

Do you have any other things that have affected you as a Wealthy Affiliate member that may affect fresh Internet Marketers?

Knowing what to expect before you start a business will go a long way to help and shape how you run your business online. It will help you to be ahead of situations and happenings in the Internet Marketing world.

What else are you expecting as you about starting this Internet Marketing that is not stated here as a newbie? You now knew what to expect as you start this online busness, you don’t have any excuse to fail.

The question is this, What are you expecting from your online business? Why do you start? Where will you be in term of achievement in the next five years? What do you think can stop you?

Do you have any question or addition? Kindly drop your thought in the comment area below, I will be glad to respond to you as soon as possible.

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Thank you for sharing John! Great post!
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Dear Bieber,
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Thank you John but my name is not Bieber. LOL, I am not even a fan. :)

So sorry about that. Thanks for the correction.


Great information. I am a newbie to WA and to Internet Marketing and can take some Advice from your Content.

- Celine

Dear Celine, You are welcome.

You are surely in the right place. Just focus on the training and do what it says. Focus on helping people here and your website audience.

The money will always flow in. Just keep working.



Thanks for the share!

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Thanks so much for this article, as a newbie this has opened my eyes to a lot of things I didn't even think of. The more knowledge I gain from articles like these will always be helpful. Continue doing the good work.

You are welcome Yulisa,

Be assured that If you follow the training here at Wealthy Affiliate most of these surprises and will be taken care off.

You can quickly take care of them because the training will equip you to be ahead of major issues raised here and challenges the Internet Marketer goes through.

I wish you great success in your voyage of Internet Marketing.



Thanks for the advice, really appreciate it.

Thanks for taking the time to write this John, it makes a lot sense what you are saying here. All good things take time. I'll keep that in mind during my journey.
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Good article, the one thing that I will say is that I do not have back up funds, but we can live, just about on our pension for now, but the point is well made.

Thank you. RADStuart. That appears you are going full-time blogging? That is great!

Not intentionally, it just is getting that way. lol

Thank you for a great article.
I do have a problem, and that is with not being a writer.
I cannot express myself in a way that will make me seem
credible. I do not have good communication skills. I know I will need a lot of work to overcome this. And I will overcome with a lot of help from WA.
Thanks for listening

Name Sake,
You are great. Your comment is evidence that you are good at writing. You just need to approve yourself. Constant writing will convince you that you are good.

You may not like to write. But you can engage writers for your blog. Just be sure you are using guideline or format for them.

Keep writing because it is key to our success as Internet Marketers.


You are acting like a writer ,as demonstrated by this message continue the lessons , practice , practice and practice .

May we all succeed
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