What is Your Niche? Please comment to show the variety here at W.A.

Last Update: October 08, 2017

Hi everyone, just wanted to know what all of your niche's are. The reason I wanted to know this is to show others / new comers the variety here at W.A.

You will see a lot of comments and questions on here like what niche should I choose? Don't know what niche to choose!

For anyone struggling to choose a niche I suggest you choose something you like or have a strong interest in at least, this way it will not feel like work when you are blogging about it.

Remember your 1st niche does not have to be your last! and you can always build another website in less than 30 seconds!


Here at W.A. the training program will help you no matter what niche you choose, it is a system that works for all so what you waiting on? Choose your niche and get started!

What's my Niche?

My niche is Football betting and also making money online, 2 things I really enjoy talking about and have no problem writing about as it just flows off naturally.

Post your niche below


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ValerieJoy Premium
I have 3 niches:
Affiliate Marketing
Miniature Schnauzer Training
joebhoy Premium
Again a different variety of niche's. You''ll hopefully be busy this time of year then with Christmas coming up.
Loes Premium
Superfood, it's a Dutch website
I also have 3 non-profit websites about kids art & spirituality & picture sharing.
And a niche about website development
And a Bootcamp website
joebhoy Premium
8 Niche's from us 3 alone, just show's you W.A. works no matter your niche.
Loes Premium
Yes, WA works for everyone the same, the thing is, not everyone works the same;)
Compsol99 Premium
I have a couple of niches: sleep apnea and sports apparel
joebhoy Premium
That is 4 niche's from us two alone! Exactly what I wanted show people here. Four completely different niche's too.