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December 13, 2018
One of my reviews is on page 1 of Bing & Yahoo, I am extremely happy about this as this is my new website and I only have 10 posts on it so far.This goes to show you that if you create quality content you can get ranked even with a fairly new website!Tips to get rankedUse Jaaxy for keyword researchUse your keywords in the post titleUse your keywords in the 1st paragraph somewhereWrite quality contentDo not try to pack with keywords, they will come naturallyKeep writing posts and reviews, 3
We are fast approaching New Year or Hogmanay as I like to call It, It Is at this is time of year most people set their goals or new years resolutions, you know exactly what I'm talking about, I'm going to go to the gym 3 times a week, I'm going to lose weight or I'm going to stop smoking!Well guess what? 92% of these people fail in what they have set out to do, as much as 80% have failed by mid February!These people fail because they don't have a plan, do not join their ranks!Set goalsTo succee
So my new website (2 weeks old) is ranking well in Google, all four posts that I have done so far are ranked, one of them is on page 3.Now we all know that to make an income you really need to be on page 1 but that will come with time, the main thing is to keep doing the right thing.How did I rank so quickly?The answer to that is simple, I AM A SUPER AFFILIATE with a secret formula for success! If only that were true, the truth is I done my keyword research using Jaaxy and aimed for the low han
Hi everyone, just wanted to know what all of your niche's are. The reason I wanted to know this is to show others / new comers the variety here at W.A.You will see a lot of comments and questions on here like what niche should I choose? Don't know what niche to choose!For anyone struggling to choose a niche I suggest you choose something you like or have a strong interest in at least, this way it will not feel like work when you are blogging about it.Remember your 1st niche does not have to be
September 26, 2017
Some days it can be hard to get motivated, we are human after all, it's one of our flaws. You may be working two jobs as well as looking after your kids, parents or grand parents, times are tough and needs must.Some days you may just want to sit and watch a movie or your favourite T.V. program or programs, you may even get sucked in by social media and loss endless hours of your life scrolling away through someone's profile that you would hardly speak to in the street if you met them.Those ar
May 04, 2017
My new website is now ranking on page 1 of Bing, not bad for a site only 6 weeks old.If I can do it, you can do it! keep on pushing on my friends.
A lot of new people on here with exciting times ahead for them, the training,building your first website,finding out that you can make a living and finally stop setting your dreaded alarm!You will come across things that you can't do, we're only human! Important thing is to never give up, do not be afraid to ask for help either in the search bar at the top of the page or in the Live Chat.You have come along way, you will make mistakes, you will learn from them and later laugh at them.There is n
June 06, 2015
From time to time we can feel a little disheartened,we're only human.(allegedly) So here are a few things to remember.Failure is Temporary so Never Give Up!If plan "A" didn't work there is another 25 letters in the alphabet Try Again!When you feel like quitting Remember Why You Started! Keep your head up people, the bad days will make the good days even better and rememberWhat you do today can improve all your tomorrowsKeep the faith and have a nice dayJoe
May 13, 2015
Got up this morning to a nice email from Jaaxy to say i had made my first sale $20 per month recurring, over the moon.Just goes to show you that the training here at WA works, safe to say my batteries are charged and ready to go.Onwards and upwards my friends.
Well that's my first PPC campaign's under way, all thanks to WA Bootcamp and of course the power of Jaaxy to help with the keywords. Just sit back now and count the cash NOT! This is only the beginning for me personally and now I have to keep pushing on, stay focused people if you can dream it you can do it!