I Still Can't Believe Cops Killed My Cousin!

Last Update: October 08, 2018

I feel like I'm dreaming...I can't believe Chinedu is gone (All the way to the right in green)

I still can't comprehend how and why this happended, and of course the investigation is still in the early stages and answers won't here anytime soon.

I have been struggling to do anything and my focus is lacking, all I can think of is the fact that my cousin is gone and know one saw it coming.

This post is one way I'm trying to release the frustration, anger, and sadness I'm feeling at the moment. I am having a hard time putting this together.

I wanted to let my WA family know what is going on with me and why I have been gone for days without even logging on.

The Funeral arrangements are getting worked out at his time, I am trying to get all my tears out before the day comes so I can be strong for my family.

It feels like what I have been watching on TV has now impacted me and my family first hand. The sad part is that my aunt who lost her son was watching the news, saw the story and was praying for the mom of the victim. Not knowing she was praying for herself :-(

I pray that my cousin Chinedu Valentine Okobi didn't die for nothing and justice is served, we have all seen stories like this way too many times. Please pray for me and my family in this time of sorrow.


Jefrey Mihedji

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firstlearn Premium
I hold you and your family in my prayers.

Jmihedji Premium
Thank you Derek, it really means a lot! I appreciate your support.
helo theme how are you all,
Moso Premium
Truly am sorry for your loss and my deepest sympathies and condolences to your family. There's nothing really I can write to make your situation better. All I'm going to say is it's ok to cry. I lost my father a couple of weeks before my birthday and a few weeks before I gave birth to my baby boy this year. I did something similar.. cried and cried then put on a brave face for my family only to realise later it broke me even more. It's ok to be a mess and it's ok take time away. We all deal with these situations in our own way. Things like this business will always be here, can always start a new, can always be left til you're ready to come back. With family it's just not the same. I know you will find comfort within your family and that you'll find a way to help cope with your loss. Prayers and love for you all at this time.
Jmihedji Premium
Thank you so much, I really appreciate you sharing your experience and I hope you are doing better considering everything you lost. I know that It will take time to get over the sadness, and like you said I keep on finding positive things to hold on to. It is not easy to remember the good times and not breakdown because you know that there will be no more new ones to create with him. My mind is foggy at the moment but I know this incident will make me have a bran new outlook on life and force me to make the best of while I still can. Thanks again for your kind words.
PMbaluka Premium
Hi Jefrey,

I can’t even imagine what you are going through, all I know is that death is so cruel and painful when it strikes. Be assured of my prayers at such a time as this. I hope justice will take its course soonest possible.

Jmihedji Premium
Thank you Paul, I really appreciate you kind word and prayers at this time, I truly need the strength and comfort of the Lord at this time.
KMcCoy2 Premium
So sorry for your loss Jefrey, and for the senseless actions of others.
Jmihedji Premium
Thank you so much Karen, I really appreciate your kind words and I hope that we as people continue to do better. Situations like this should not be happening to anyone at all, unfortunately it has become the norm when you look around. It is so sad!