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Name : Husnie
I come from Indonesia, work in private sector, like recreation, like new things to make money.
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Money Goals
Money I would be happy earning
iam happy
Money I would be ecstatic earning
Time I'm willing to invest to achieve my goals
long time
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Oct 2, 2018
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How much money would you be happy earning?
iam happy

How much would you be ecstatic earning?

And how much time are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
long time
iamkates Premium
ooooh, I love your 1st question answer :)

Best wishes to you in all you do!
Kyle Premium Plus
Awesome goals Husnie, I look forward to seeing you achieve these. Take action and make things happen!

I am here to help if you ever need anything along the way, you have a community behind your efforts here at WA! :)
cwpickett Premium
Money does not bring happiness, but money certainly makes life easier. $1,000,000 is my goal, too. Just because. Why set sights low when you can reach for the sky, right!
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ExpatMark Premium
Welcome to WA! Enjoy the journey. Lots of good information and good people here all wanting you to succeed. And thank you for the follow.
Lucy1000 Premium
Hello. Thank you for following 😃
lucy thank you again. i hope we can make friends
RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
Nice to meet you my new friend Husnie!

It's me, Roope, here again connecting with you :)

I wanted to drop by personally because I just saw that you updated your profile.

I'm so excited for you that you have found this community!

I was in your shoes a few years ago and so much has happened since then. Here are a few things that will happen to you when you go through the training and put it into action:

-You learn a bunch of new skills
-You are able to connect with awesome and helpful people
-Reach all your financial goals
-Live the lifestyle you have dreamed of

I am 100% sure you will make it because of I and thousands of other people who followed the training have made it as well.

I want to remind that making passive income online doesn't happen by clicking your fingers. You need to take action like you are already doing! :)

I can say from my own experience that all the work is worth it in the end. The freedom to make a full-time income online feels amazing.

To achieve that yourself, follow this training closely: Kyle will give you a more detailed guidance there on how to move forward.

Just wanted to remind that you are not alone here. The whole Wealthy Affiliate community and I are here to help you.

Let's be in touch and always feel free to ask me if you need anything.

Looking forward to your success!

Your friend,

Thanks for you the suport, that's what we need, because I really do not understand diwebset. thank you
RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
You're welcome, great to hear from you!

Let's keep in touch and ask me anything when moving forward.

I want to make sure that you'll become successful with this.

I will answer ALL your questions to help you out! :)

You can also ask anything below each lesson in the comments section and other community members will come and help you out.

roope thank you for your attention, it's true. the good hearted husband must fight as hard as he can, difficulty speaking English so I have to translate first. please support it. thanks.
RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
I completely understand you. English is not my native language either. When I got started I was a bit nervous because I didn't know how it will go when I need to operate in English.

I still make grammar mistakes but I've progressed from the beginning.

That's why I'm 100% sure you can make it as well! Anything is possible if you work hard and never quit.
thnks. temanku..
RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
My pleasure :)
marycmiller Premium
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate, I wish you all the best in your pursuits.
Please help me if willing
RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
Hello Husnie and welcome to Wealthy Affiliate!

I am happy to see you accepted my invitation to you.

I am Roope Kiuttu and I come originally from Finland, the country of Nokia and Angry Birds if you are wondering my not-so-typical name! ;) You can also call me Robert.

I'm here to:

-Help you to get started on Wealthy Affiliate
-Help you to start making money online
-Provide you with personal tips and guidance along the way
-Answer your questions

This is an automated message but when you reply to it, I'll respond to you personally. Yes, I am a real person who cares about your success.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to make money online and now I am able to help you to achieve the same as well.


#1 step to get started is to set up your account (your profile image and a short self-introduction). This allows other people to recognize you and provide you with better help.

Follow this guide that walks you through the process: By completing your profile, you'll get a better feel for the wonderful Wealthy Affiliate community. I have also noticed over the years that people who start taking action right away, succeed at a higher rate than those who hesitate.

Feel free to navigate in the community. You will quickly learn how everything works here and how helpful people are. I underline and guarantee that 100% of your questions will be answered.


#2 step is to start the wonderful training here on Wealthy Affiliate I recommend moving forward step-by-step and completing all the tasks to maximize your chances of success.


That's all for today.

Just reply to this message if you need anything and I will help you out personally.

Once again, Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate! I am excited to see your progress.

Talk to you soon!

Your Friend,

PS. You probably noticed that Wealthy Affiliate provides a Premium Membership for a discounted price during your first 7 days.

I have been myself a premium member on Wealthy Affiliate for ~3 years and I can say with a hand on my heart that it has been certainly one of the best investments of my life.

Nowadays the premium membership generates me +100 times more money than it costs. Having the ability to make money online, has also enabled me to travel around the world and live my dream life.

When I got started on WA, it was just a dream to travel and earn money online at the same time but now it's a reality.

Who knows how your life will change during the coming months? :)

You can see the differences between the free and the premium membership here: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/order/signup

Just let me know if you need anything and I'll be happy to help you out!