Knowledge gained at wealthy affiliate saved me from being swindled $980

Last Update: October 26, 2019

Three days ago, I received an email letter from the so called HALLMARK SECURITY in the United Kingdom. It was in connection with “my business partner to be” who was a sergeant in the US Army assigned to a peace-keeping mission in Afghanistan. She told me her name was KARLA NAVIS, but she was using an email address for KARLA NEVINS. She said that she wanted to go into partnership with me and her tool kit was deposited under HALLMARK ASSOCIATION. She said that she was too busy with the operations in the desert of Afghanistan and wanted me to send $980 for HALLMARK ASSOCIATION to send a person to my home address to deliver a trunk.

However, due to the excellent training offered at WA where we are advised to research deeply into anything costing above $100, I discovered that the Karla Navis on Facebook was of Indian origin and that Karla Nevins’ name was just used and she might be a genuine US soldier.

Secondly, both physical addresses given to me in Afghanistan and London, UK do not exist. So beware of impostors and scammers. Indeed, the training at Wealthy Affiliate rocks!

Hallmark Security

Oct 24, 2019, 1:16 PM (3 days ago)

to me

Attention: Mr Joseph

This is to inform you that we have completed the process of delivering the box to your valid given home address.

You are to save the attachment document as it contains important information about your Trunk Box

Your Reg. Order No: Q-872-9910-208-9207

Box description and delivery information is:

Description of Item: Trunk box

Weight of Trunk Box: 47 kg

Total weight of Trunk Box 47 kg

Total Net weight of Trunk Box 47 kg

Color of Trunk Box Silver

Parcel Packaging Sealed

We hereby guarantee and assure you that your Sealed Trunk Box has been confirmed valid and will be safely deliver to your home address as

shown on your airway bill.

Every arrangement has been made for the departure of our diplomat based on the delivering of the consignment box, In other to avoid any

confiscated of the consignment box by Aviation Security Control Points at Airport, This Management are hereby advise you to send the

Insurance/Clearance charges amount of 700 Pounds /$980 USD direct to us, So that our diplomat will pick the money before his departure, this is to let him pay and procure the issuance/clearance upon his arrival to avoid any delay upon his arrival as any delay will lead the confiscated of the box .

The following are the information you need to send the money through Money Gram transfer.

Receiver Name: Rachelle Kan

Amount: 700 Pounds /$980 USD

Location: United Kingdom

After the payment is made then scan the receipt of the Money Gram and send to us. As soon as we receive the money, The diplomat will book his departure ticket and will arrive in your country this week upon the confirmation of your payment receipt.

Thank you for your continued patronage.

Yours In Services

Mr. Barrett Olsen, Coordinating Services Officer

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Linda103 Premium
Always best to research first. Good to read it through a few times too as then you pick up the inconsistencies.
Thank you for sharing.
JMatonge1 Premium
You are welcome, Linda.
Hudson Premium
Well done and appreciate your taking the time to tell us about it.
JeffGnagy Premium
Good catch Joseph!
well done!
JMatonge1 Premium
Thank you very much, Jeff. Stay blessed always.
Joes946 Premium
Wow...that’s a great save! Thanks for the heads up
JMatonge1 Premium
Thank you very much, my Ambassador. Good morning.
Joes946 Premium
Thanks Joseph
HeidiAnders3 Premium
So glad you caught this, my friend! Kudos to you! Thanks for keeping us in the loop!!!
JMatonge1 Premium
thank you very much, Heidi. Good morning.