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I'm retired and looking to supplement my income. I'm older so I need a way to make money where I don't need to stand or





Add new website email to gmail?

Add new website email to gmail?

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How do I add the email address of a website I just put up to gmail

Hi, you may want to view below link resource

Hey Don,

You may find the following training most helpful: Hope this helps you.

What is the wa ranking criteria?

What is the wa ranking criteria?

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I'm curious as to what WA uses to establish ranking.

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Hi - it is based on your level of activity within the community. This includes asking and answering questions, writing blog posts, creating training, welcoming new members, participating in Live Chat, offering comments and feedback etc.

It is nothing to do with your website, and there are no perks, bonuses or anything of monetary value to be gained with having a higher ranking.

This is a great answer Thank you!

WA rank is based on as many say your activity in the WA community. However, do not confuse your WA rank with how well you are doing with your website. The two are not related.

Ranking high here does not guarantee success online. You can earn money in WA by creating training and commenting etc. But WA is not your online business.

Thank you for asking that question!

Good information, I was wondering myself and for sure about the Blog's. I wasn't sure when I could actually start sending Blog's and was more concerned about my training.

Since the question came up thow when should I start thinking about Blog's?

Hi - you have already written 2 blogs for other members to read last week!

Yes that was from purchasing a .com website and from being indexed by Google and was recommend that I send one out. I just didn't want to jump ahead of other things I should be doing.


My mistake on the first one that is when I purchased a years membership.


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