Are you using Bing?

Last Update: November 13, 2016

As members of the online world, we tend to focus on the giant known as Google more often than not. They have done an outstanding job ensuring the world revolves around them. It's understandable why we focus on rankings through the search engine giant as our #1 priority.

Let's think about that for a minute. One of the first things we learn here at WA in regards to keywords is zoning in on "Low Hanging Fruit."

In this case, consider Bing to be that low hanging fruit. I'm not saying put more focus to Bing than Google in reference to rankings, but don't forget about it either.

Case Study....

In Google, I have zero posts ranked on page #1, rather almost all at the top of page #2. Switch over to Bing,every single post is in the top 5 of page 1.

Recently, I checked into sales (I check once a week on clicks and conversions). 17 sales in the last week based off of product reviews. As I dove deeper to gage where the traffic was generated from, 14 of the 17 sales came from traffic generated from Bing. The other 3? Facebook.

Google is undoubtedly the feat to conquer in the end result. However, don't forget about the little people. It takes an army to conquer. My army has been coming from the little guy in mass quantity!

To All of your Continued Success!


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KMeyer Premium Plus
Thanks for sharing
Cristo49 Premium
An interesting concept. Yes I'm sure we rely on google too much. I remember when we used to ask Jeeves before he got steam rollered. I going to do some research on Bing. Thanks for the good info. Chris
jkryscynski Premium
Don't get me wrong, the focus on Google is needed and will indeed reap reward automatically in Bing. Just be sure to utilize Bing Webmaster tools.
Cristo49 Premium
Gotcha. Chris
AnthonyMLM Premium
Awesome thanks for sharing this is good...
theresroth Premium
Thanks for the heads-up, Jason!
WilliamBH Premium
Thanks for sharing this info Jason .. Cheers, William