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November 13, 2016
As members of the online world, we tend to focus on the giant known as Google more often than not. They have done an outstanding job ensuring the world revolves around them. It's understandable why we focus on rankings through the search engine giant as our #1 priority. Let's think about that for a minute. One of the first things we learn here at WA in regards to keywords is zoning in on "Low Hanging Fruit." In this case, consider Bing to be that low hanging fruit. I'm not saying put more focus
October 09, 2016
I am looking for a little guidance if possible in regards to rankings. I am unsure if I should be ok with where my rankings are or if I should be concerned.One of my websites currently has 6 pages, 12 posts, and 129 comments. Every single post and or page on this site is ranked on the 2nd page of google, averaging 12-15th spots respectively. The good thing is this site is less than 60 days old. My competition for page 1 is mostly Big Box retailers as well as the manufacturer of the products (re
October 06, 2016
This is one of those quick and to the point blogs. Waaaaaay too much reading today. There are those that take action, and those that make excuses. I understand self confidence issues. NO EXCUSE. "I don't have enough time." No Excuse! Quit reading this and get back to work."I don't know what to write" NO EXCUSE-Research and ask questionsThe list goes on. Simply put, get out there and do it. If you "can't" or simply don't...THEN YOU DON'T WANT IT. But I do want it! Then go get it. Take control of
Social media can be one of the biggest platforms of organic AND paid traffic if utilized correctly. Over the last few weeks, Jay has held a live training of how to be effective with facebook. watching these trainings as well as following the initial insights from Kyle, you should be able to gain traction and traffic to your niche website. Don't make the mistake of feeling embarrassed to share your post with friends and family. Ask them t
Many of us came to Wealthy Affiliate looking for answers. In some cases looking for ways to make money online. Others, how to build a website. Then you came to realize how valuable it was to be surrounded by like minded people. Others that were looking to achieve the same things that you are in one way or another. Very few people said "When I grow up I want to be an Internet Marketer" or "I want to be a Product Affiliate."Many found WA with a business idea already in mind and just needed the tr
It's cold(er) and rainy. I have been working on my site since 6 am this morning (eastern time) trying to speed up load times. I have followed numerous in depth trainings here as well as other sources on ways to get my speed faster. My site has crashed 3 times. I have gone from as low as 2 plugins to as high as 12 plugins installed at once. Nothing is working. To top it off I am testing speeds at both Pingdom and GTMetrix and getting drastically different reports. Like 15 second difference repor
Hello WA! Yesterday I blogged about a situation I was having with my site after switching to Yoast. Long story short, My 1st page rankings were not only gone, but my pages became non existent as well as website traffic. The link to the full post is below. shortly after posting I decided to switch back to All In One (which was seamless I might add) and resubmitted my sitemaps to Webmaster Tools. Then Kyle posted about Google Penguin 4.0 and
September 27, 2016
Every day we see others posting success stories around achieving page one rankings with help from the training here at WA. I have been one of them. Recently I blogged about having numerous page 1 ranked posts, a few of which were in the #1 spot. I moved my website to a new domain name just over 1 month ago. The old website is still running and has the auto redirect that WA applie
September 25, 2016
Everyday I log into WA with a plan. Follow the to do list created and stay on schedule. As a whole it has suited me well. Then #5 comes....1.Site Feedback Provide site feedback for 10 other websites2. Site Comments- Same here, 10 comments3. Training-Back to learning4. Implement Training5. Stare at the screen My imaginary mind doesn't exist. I fail at content simply because I fail to know what to write. I know what I want to write but it just doesn't come out, or come out right anyways. I know m
Why Follow the Trainings at WAIn just over a month's time I have blown through certification and bootcamp training, twice. I have skipped around and gone back, multiple times.A moment will come, as you're building your evil empire, that you want to quit. The very thought of typing another post, searching keywords, or grinding through another training course will repulse you.Push Through. Take a break. Have a drink. The Yankees didn't win 27 World Series Championships overnight (yes, yankees fan