Read More Tags Not working


Dear all,

Please note that I have been trying hard to insert a Read More Tags on my Home Page.

But it is not at all working. Please guide me How to insert Read More Tags.

I am badly stuck.

Please help.

Best regards,

Jayesh Khatri

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Hi, I have the same problem. When I edit my post on WP text editor and put tag it's okay but when I preview page it's not in place.

Hi Jayesh, looking forward to finding a solution form your proble. Sorry I cannot give advise. Irv.

I am also looking for solution. But unfortunately nobody has given me solution so far.
It's very sad. Still I am waiting for the right answer.
Like you many other members also asking for solution.
I think we have to approach Kyle now.
There is no full fuldge training on WordPress.
Let's hope for the best.

did you find the answer ? :-))

Thank you for asking as I learned something new from the responses from our fellow members.

Hi Jayesh. Sorry I can't contribute to this one but would appreciate a solution because I am encountering a similar problem.

In the mean time I have just been typing in 'Read more here"
highlighting it in blue and then linking it to the url where I want it to go using the link feature.

Might help while you work it out.

Kindest regards,


Read More feature is already there in the page.

You can display to first paragraph of the content. Than you insert a Read More tag. So visitor can view more images and content. And whichever he like he can click on Read More button, and it will be diverted to that particular blog.

It is very useful feature.

I want to display many product on my home page and then three to four line about the product. Then Read More tag.
If visitor select any product and click on Read More tag the full description of the product will be displayed.

But somehow it is not working.

So far nobody has given me satisfactory reply.

I might change the theme.

If i get the solution i will let you know.


Jayesh Khatri

Keep us posted if you get the resolution that you are looking for.

Thanks for taking the time to respond Jayesh.


Here is a potential approach:

Collapse-O-Matic plugin
and then use the tags:

[expand title=”Read More”]

Some text here for the testimonial.


Thanks for this, it works.

I found this WordPress article that might help.

"Because the More Tag only splits posts on your home page/Posts page and archives, you won’t see the split when you preview the post or are viewing the individual post page. You’ll only see the tag on your home page/Posts page and archives."

I tried it on my home page and i stilll couldnt get it to work :-))

I do not use a home page on my blog. My main page is my blog page so all of my posts are truncated there. That may be an option for you to consider.

I tried this multiple times. But somehow it is not working in my theme.

In the page it is showing but when I visit my website the 'Read More' is not appearing.

Thanks for your help.

Jayesh, What is your website URL?

check this out too let me know what you think will you :-))

Thank you for your help.

But how do we know which theme is PHP.

Should I change my theme.

Suppose I change my theme what about my all images and content. I hope nothing will happen to my content.

In the course 3 I have been asked to join Affiliate Program.
But how can i apply any affiliate program when my website is not proper. It is not at all looking professional

Once I applied for Affiliate Program and they denied my application.

I am stuck. I don't understand what to do now.

Anyway thank you for your support.

i cant get mine to work either...try reading this let me know willl you :-))

I tried this many many times. But is not working.

Neither are mine honey xox did you get sorted ?

No dear I am going to take professional help now

Is there anything else in your theme that is not working ? xox keep me posted will you xox

Sure I will inform you...

okay PM ME honey xoxo

can you also put your problem on this page too trying to get SUPPORTS attention :-))

DO you see this in your "text" version?


You should insert this.

I don't have any programming knowledge.

If you can guide me step by step then I will try.

Thanks for your help.

Wish I could help you brother... I'm so new at this I don't even no what you just said...smiles

No problem at all.

I appreciate you. You have shown willingness to help someone.

I wish you all the best in your online business.


Jayesh Khatri

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